O'Reilly on the Dangers of the "Machines" & North Korea
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 10, 2017
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Back in the friendly confines of his Long Island study, Bill began Thursday's No Spin News by recapping a provocative piece in the Wall Street Journal written by F.H. Buckley, a professor at Scalia Law School at George Mason University. 

Buckley's article, called "How Trump Won In Two Dimensions," is more than just a look back at the 2016 election.  Bill read this direct quote from the piece:  "The Democrats gave the back of their hand to Catholic voters, the principle bloc of swing voters in America."  And this:  "The Democrats will bet on the triumph of their socially liberal ideas, force-fed to students at our universities and preached by most media outlets.  They assume that the 'arc of history,' to which President Obama so frequently appealed, moves only their way."

Bill recommended the article and provided his own prescription for a better America:  "We have to change the political hatred on both sides, and the only way that changes is if our elected officials in Congress try to craft the best legislation and say they don't hate each other.  Senator Chuck Schumer can't be threatening other Democrats and on the other side Senator Mitch McConnell has to tell his party why health care reform is needed for all Americans.  Also, the social decline in America is unbelievable.  We now have people on the far left saying that if you believe abortion is wrong, then you're the devil!  That has to stop because this kind of stuff is eroding our quality of life." 

He continued with another salient recommendation:  "We have to fight the addiction to the machines, the smart phones.  If you spend all your time on this, you are not learning very much and you are not participating in life.  You've got to get out and take a walk on the beach and admire the world, and we have to raise the debate about these machines that are taking over people's minds.  You go to a restaurant and parents and kids aren't even talking to one another.  Interacting with other human beings is the key to a successful life." 

On a far different subject, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are still engaged in a war of words over North Korea's missiles and America's possible response.  "At this point," Bill declared, "I think there is zero possibility that the U.S. launches a preemptory nuclear strike on anyone.  We should strangle them economically and put some warships off their coast." 

For a view of the moral aspect of the situation, Bill welcomed Pastor Robert Jeffress, who has advised President Trump.  Jeffress explained why he believes a unilateral strike is within the bounds of morality.  "A lot of Christians are really confused about the use of force when dealing with evil," he said, "but I believe the Bible gives President Trump full moral authority to use whatever force necessary, including assassination and war, to take out Kim Jong Un and deal with evil!  They are evil because they are threatening an attack on our nation and starving their people to death.  Sometimes you have to confront evil."  Bill took issue with one facet of Jeffress' position, saying, "I don't know if we can justify a preemptive nuclear strike that would kill tens of thousands of people who are captives of this evil regime." 

In other news, Bill reported that a federal judge has ordered the State Department to reinvestigate Hillary Clinton's Benghazi-related emails.  "Nothing will come of this," he predicted, "because of the swamp.  You basically have career people working in the State Department and the swamp is the swamp!"

Also, an astounding 23% of all federal inmates are illegal aliens.  "That costs the United States billions of dollars," Bill groused.  "We are incarcerating 42,000 people who should not be here in the first place, and Homeland Security should tell us how many of these people have committed felonies.  This is another reason to stop the intrusion on the southern border." 

Oregon State University has instituted a new course in Fat Studies, which will teach students about something called "weight-based oppression."  Rather than simply ridiculing the course, Bill used it to address a serious issue:  "There is a major problem with bullying people who are overweight or underweight or have a deformity.  That's a big problem, especially among children.  People have different physiologies, it's the way they were born, and for our society to shame them is wrong, the psychological effect it has on individuals is terrifying.  It should be taught in first grade that we don't shame people because of their weight.  That being said, it's much better for you to not be overweight." 

Finally, Premium Members evaluated the new studio and the new look that was unveiled Wednesday.  Most PMs complimented the setting and the Skype interviews, although some prefer the more informal, dressed-down version.  Bill again encouraged everyone to opine on the new studio and the No Spin News in general.

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