O'Reilly to Hannity: Impeachment Making a Mockery of USA
By: BOR StaffFebruary 11, 2021
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Bill O’Reilly joins Sean Hannity for their weekly appointment on the radio to discuss the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. 

It is not a crime to hold an opinion, as the President did, that the election was not fair. 

And it is not a crime to rally his supporters and say, please let your beliefs be known to Congress. 

The media is clearly on the Democrats’ side and will do and say whatever it takes to try to convince the American people that Donald Trump did indeed commit a crime, but there is real danger in this deception. 

The duo lay out just how damaging this impeachment farce is to the country— the entire impeachment exercise has lost its Constitutional authority.  

“As a historian, I’m saying, well we just lost a major correction that the Founding Fathers put into the Constitution. It’s gone.”  

Listen above for more on the impeachment farce and the important part of Donald Trump’s narrative that has been stricken from the Democrats’ presentation.