O'Reilly to Hannity: Who Are Biden's Border Policies Helping?
By: BOR StaffMarch 31, 2021
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Bill O’Reilly joins Sean Hannity for their weekly radio appointment. This week the duo search to answer a question that Joe Biden has refused to answer—and the press hasn’t bothered asking. 

Why did President Biden end the proven to be successful Trump administration border policies? 

“Simple man asking a simple question,” says O’Reilly. 

Joe Biden made all of these changes to border policy through executive orders—not through Congress—but he has never said why he did it. Who is this helping? Is it helping the American taxpayer already under siege by government taxation? 

“It is helping no one—not one individual is being helped by Joe Biden’s policies. Yet, he struts around like he is the most noble man on the planet.”

You would think that would be a question the press would be interested in asking.

Listen above for more simple questions from simple men - O’Reilly and Hannity.