O'Reilly/Hannity: Americans are Being Lied to About Racism
By: BOR StaffApril 21, 2021
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O’Reilly called in to Sean Hannity’s radio program to lay out the true story of the George Floyd case and policing and racism in America. 

The stats show there is not an epidemic of officers shooting Black people in this country. But the media is invested in putting out a specific narrative that this is a racist country, and law enforcement in this country are trying to harm marginalized groups in this country including African Americans. 

That is the narrative and there is not much out there to counter that. Especially since Joe Biden trashed his country as ‘racist’ in front of the world. That was unprecedented and outrageous. 

Does Biden understand the implications of what he is saying? O’Reilly and Hannity disagree. Listen for more.