O'Reilly: No Such Thing as 'Not Guilty' in America
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 15, 2019
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Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo is BACK! This week Bill analyzes the hate Tiger Woods received from the lef for going to the White House.


Hey, Bill O'Reilly here and this is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax.

So I wrote a column this week on Bill O'Reilly.com entitled "There is No Such Thing as Not Guilty in America." This doesn't get a lot of publicity but it is very very important to every single citizen in this country. So when the founding fathers made the Constitution, way way back in the 18th century, they rejected the Napoleonic Code. Which is a justice system of France. It says you are guilty and you must prove yourself innocent. 

That's the Napoleonic Code, still used today in France and other countries. Foudning fathers said no, you as an American citizen in this new country are innocent until the authorities prove you guilty. So why did they do that?

Because in the 17th century, in Salem Massachusetts, 19 human beings were executed after they were charged are being witches. Now witches don't exist. So the state, and it wasn't a state then, it was a Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They executed 19 people on bogus charges. It was hysteria. The Salem Witch Trials to this day are used in situations where people are unjustly charged.


 So for all of the time that we've been a nation, due process has been in play. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And you are entitled to a lot of rights, the right to an attorney, right to remain silent, all that. Now this is turned around in the court of public opinion and a variety of factors have driven it.

The me too movement, all women must be believed when they lodge an accusation against a man of any kind. Gotta believe the women, that's what these people are putting out. So therefore an industry has grown up saying that you can charge someone, we an attorney, a law firm, you see it on TV radio newspapers, all that.

We will represent you and will go and try to get you money. For whatever abuse it may be. OK because all women must be believed. Now the most dramatic form of that was in the Judge Kavanaugh hearing, when that man was accused by Christine Blasey Ford of terrible things when he was a younger person. Now his family and himself went through hell in, publicly and then he was confirmed as Supreme Court by Susan Collins. Basically the senator from Maine. Afterwards  the FBI looked into it and found nothing.

Not one shred of evidence, still to this day Democrat senators like Dianne Feinstein, like Cory Booker, like Kamala Harris convicted Kavanaugh. Said he was guilty and they had no idea. No blanking idea what happened. They did no investigation. So due process flew right out the window. Kavanaugh, in the in the minds of many people, guilty even he was a Supreme Court justice, guilty.


 OK so we see this time and time and time again. Best example recently, the Mueller report. Came out and said President United States didn't collude and we don't have enough evidence to say he obstructed justice. Did many Americans accept that? No.

They have convicted Donald Trump. They know better. They have convicted him. The Democratic party doing everything it can to bring this case back. So they loved Mueller when he was investigating but now that the investigators didn't show anything after 33 million dollars in two years, now they don't like him so much. So we'll find out. We'll we'll we'll get him we'll get him get him get him get him. Wrong and dangerous.

Every single American citizen could be accused tomorrow and then in our society some people will find you guilty no matter what. And certainly the media will put it on page one if you're a famous person. And then if you're exonerated or there's no evidence that'll be on page 33. Desperately wrong. And that is the Talking Points Memo.

I'm Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax reminding you we do commentary every night on Bill O'Reilly dot com. And don't forget my book Killing the SS a great Father's Day gift.


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