O'Reilly: What to Expect from the Mueller Report
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 26, 2019
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Hi I'm Bill O'Reilly and this is the Talking Points Memo.

The Mueller report. So it's supposed to come the week of March 4th which is a week from today. I'm not sure. Of course I don't have any real indicator on how it's going to come out. It has to go to the Attorney General William Barr and then from there Mr Barr will discuss it I guess among his chieftains or the Justice Department and then they'll brief some congressional committees. Now as soon as they brief the congressional committees it'll leak. Not the whole report because Barr is not going to give that to Congress. Barr is going to give him a summation. And in the summation will be some redacted material and all that. So you can assume that when the report is released the public will still be as confused as it is right now. But even if the full report were released and every one of us could see it the press would not report it honestly.


Those people who have convicted Donald Trump of being a Russian agent will continue to do that. They can't say oh I was wrong, I had it all wrong for two years. And the people who have defended President Trump. If something comes out of the Mueller report that's damning. That's possible. They're not going to say wow that's bad. They're not they're going to spin it like oh come on. Look.In the media in America. It's all about money. All right. One side makes money by hating Trump. The other side makes money by supporting the president. Now it's about eight to two. Hate against support. 80 percent hate him 20 percent like. That's the American media. But the chieftains in the six corporations that control 90 percent of the national news, they're ordering your people to do certain things. Alright, they're ordered to do it.

The Smollett case if you remember last week when this actor said "Oh I was accosted in the street by Trump supporters at 230 and it was 14 degrees below zero. But I was again a sandwich. And they jumped me said racist things to me and antigay things." The networks that immediately reported that as fact then were embarrassed when this story turned out according to the Chicago police to be bogus false, a lie. So what if the networks do? They downplayed their participation in supporting Smollett or in the case of MSNBC they just stop reporting the story. They didn't report it anymore once it has turned out to be fake. So you know what you're getting here. The Mueller report is very very important. Thirty million dollars. Was given to Robert Mueller and his team to investigate whether or not the Russians corrupted the 2016, presidential election. All right. And whether the Trump campaign helped him. OK so. This is big. This is big, but you're not going to get any honest reporting out of it. That's really depressing to me. So I of course will report it to you honestly what I know how I know it and what it actually says.

Now again people have made a fortune speculating on what they're going to say, you're going to say, that Donald Trump Jr. is in trouble. Ivanka Trump... they don't know anything, they don't know anything. The one thing that's come out. The one thing that's come out that caught my attention was Jonathan Karl the White House reporter for ABC News. Not a Trump supporter came out and said I've learned anonymous sources. That's not going to be a big deal there's not going to be a big headline in the Mueller report. That caught my attention because number one Karl would have people inside the Mueller team that would talk to him. And number two if Karl is saying that publicly to his audience at ABC News he's what they call warning ABC News off, warning them off. Speculation. I'm just reading what I know about Jon Karl and ABC and Mueller. All right there is a pipeline to him. I do believe somebody told him that and I do believe he warned his chieftains at Disney and his audience, don't get too excited about this. We're probably not going to nail the president on a Mueller report. Could be completely wrong. But again keep your eye on the basic tenets of the report not what somebody thinks it is, not the summation when it comes out and we can all see it. We can make a responsible decision.

That is a Talking Points Memo. I'm Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax reminding you we do honest commentary every night on BillOReilly.com and my book Killing the SS still a major bestseller, after six months. I hope you check it out and I will see you soon.


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