Obamacare Live On
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 28, 2017
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It was deeply surprising that Senator John McCain cast the deciding vote to kill health care reform.  The branded "skinny bill" would have done away with some egregious parts of Obamacare like forcing individuals to buy health insurance under penalty of fine.  McCain knew the final bill would have to be approved by the House which promised further additions.  Then the new health care proposal would be kicked back to the Senate.

John McCain apparently does not trust the House or Speaker Paul Ryan and did not want to risk the skinny bill winding up on President Trump's desk without further tweaks.  McCain wants much more in the health care bill.

So, Obamacare lives on in full thanks to John McCain, and the Democratic Party wins a major victory.  The other two republican senators voting against the skinny deal, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, object to defunding Planned Parenthood and other reform proposals.  Ms. Collins from Maine is essentially a democrat, while Ms. Murkowski is a mystery: surely her constituents in Alaska will be angry today.

Health care reform is now dead until the fall at least and while John McCain is pleading for both parties to work together on a new law, he surely knows the democrats will not agree to caps on Medicaid and any reduction on entitlements.  So the merry-go-round will begin again.

I have known Senator McCain for decades and respect him.  But on a bill that would have diminished the failure of Obamacare, he let his country down.

The chaos that is hurting so many Americans continues.

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