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By: BOR.com StaffJune 16, 2017

Bill joined Glenn Beck on The Blaze Radio for another live Friday morning discussion. 

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They started with the gruesome shooting in Alexandria, where 66-year-old James Hodgkinson hunted down Republicans.  "I don't believe this is directly linked to progressive politics," Bill said, "but this is a guy who is unhinged and watches too much cable TV.  I think if you sat down with this guy before he did this, you'd leave the table after fifteen minutes saying he's a real nut."

Beck took some issue with that analysis by pointing out that recent weeks have been filled with violent images and acts perpetrated by entertainers and fringe elements who truly crave a revolution.  Bill concurred, saying, "A line has been crossed with the hatred directed at Donald Trump."

Bill and Beck both ridiculed the New York Times, which continues to push the false narrative that Sarah Palin played a role in the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  "The New York Times is not a newspaper anymore," Bill declared, "it's a far-left progressive journal that coordinates its coverage with far-left groups.  The paper is top-to-bottom editorializing that Trump is unfit."

The two men then branched into an illuminating and expansive conversation about revolutionaries, violence, the "resistance," and political assassinations.  "The ramp-up in political violence," Bill stated, "is because of the incendiary rhetoric that you see on the Internet and television.  These nuts who used to be isolated individuals can now find hundreds of people as crazy as they are.  John Wilkes Booth was stalking Lincoln but he was alone; now these people are encouraged to do what they do."  Glenn added, "The rhetoric on both sides is giving permission to some of these nuts to say it's okay to pick up a gun because the other side is worthless and dangerous and evil."

Beck then asked Bill to comment on rock star Ted Nugent, an Obama-hater who is vowing to tone down his incendiary and violent rhetoric.  "Give credit to Nugent," Bill said, "because that message is a good one.  But it won't take root on a mass level because there is an awful lot of money involved in this mass hatred."

Bill steered the discussion to a personal level: "The attack on me and Fox News in April was not an accident, it was a very organized and well-funded operation.  I was taken completely by surprise, but my attorneys and I have now been uncovering evidence that is stunning.  There are well-funded people out to destroy the political opposition."

Both men agreed that we are in the midst of a cultural war.  "The best way to fight the war," Bill said, "is by accumulating facts.  We hear every single day about the Mueller investigation and the fact that Donald Trump is 'under criminal investigation.'  But anyone audited by the IRS is under criminal investigation, so this is not a big story.  Mueller is going to investigate, that's his mandate.  The media acts like everything is a crime, MSNBC and CNN are treating the president like he's a criminal.  They have to be confronted by the truth!"

Before signing off, Bill and Beck, both doting dads, wished each other the very best on Father's Day.

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