One Country No Longer
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 20, 2021
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One Country No Longer
(Jackson, Wyoming)  No masks.  That’s the first thing you notice upon leaving the airport.  Everyone is face-forward.

No homeless.  It’s cold at night in the summer time Rockies and I didn’t see anyone sleeping on the streets. Somehow, shelter is available to all.

Skin color doesn’t seem to be a problem, either.  Lots of different races touring the National Parks.  Rangers say it’s calm on the human-agitation front, the way it should be in the land of the free. 

Bears, however, are a different story.  You don’t mess with them out here.

This western enclave is a unique part of America, but so is San Francisco, where thousands of homeless drug addicts now roam the streets assaulting the senses of fellow citizens, looting businesses without restraint, dying in record numbers from overdoses.

The difference between the two American towns is a simple concept.  It’s called the will of the people.

In San Francisco, there is little concern about social order, so citizens have none. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the symbolic leader of the city, presides over a district that is dangerous. Mrs. Pelosi lives behind a wall.  Others don’t have that luxury.  They are at risk.

Speaker Pelosi is not interested is protecting people - quite the opposite. She’s an abortion zealot who’s been told by the city’s Archbishop not to receive Communion because of her dismal record on the unborn.

She is also a race-provocateur, using her power to divide Americans based on skin color.  This causes unrest.  President Biden is right behind Nancy on abortion and racial division.

The people of San Francisco have elected Pelosi 17 times.  So they deserve the depravity they are getting.  Not all.  But most.

Here in Wyoming, it is unheard of for public school children to be taught that their country is essentially based on evil. No one is tearing down statues.  Few are canceled for stating an opinion.

But in the mega-cities of Néw York and Los Angeles, careers are routinely destroyed by political witch-hunters.  It’s now a macabre sport.  Hollywood is the worst.

In Wyoming, almost every household has firearms. Yet the murder rate is one of the lowest in the country. 

In Chicago, gun restrictions are severe. Yet thousands are murdered.  Again, it’s the will of the people.  They elect leaders who blame homicide on society, not actual criminals.

So there is no longer one America.  Now we have fiefdoms like the Middle Ages. King Cuomo in New York has radicalized the state and street violence is surging. Yet according to the polls, most democrats would reelect him.

In western Wyoming, folks don’t even have to lock their doors because dangerous thugs are few as they are quickly punished.  Thus, the bad people migrate to places like San Francisco where they go unpunished - there is no political agenda to protect the innocent.

This is not hard to fathom.  The will of the people dictates what kind of neighborhood they will have, and whether fairness, order, or disorder prevails.

Today, there is little unity in the USA.  We are no longer “one nation under God.”

Many citizens simply do not have the will to make that concept reality.

Do they?