One World
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 19, 2020
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One World
The global pandemic is the worst thing that could happen to the concept of “globalism,” a fervent left wing tenet.  Famous people from Barack Obama to Pope Francis have touted the benefits of a world with no power index - that all nations should be pretty much the same, because human beings share universal qualities.  
Out of the “One World” movement has come the open border concept, aggressive socialism, “inclusion” that intrudes on fairness and liberty, and a variety of other misguided and even dangerous policies.

Now, because of the virus, the philosophy of global equality is in tatters.
China is mainly responsible.  Beijing’s communist human rights violators lied to the world about the severity of the contagion. And China was enabled by the United Nations through the colossally incompetent World Health Organization.  Five days after the US government stopped flights from China, the WHO officially objected, issuing this statement:  “We reiterate our call to all countries not to impose restrictions inconsistent with International Health Regulations.  Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little health benefit.”
That incredibly irresponsible response from a UN agency led to intense condemnation of President Trump.  Joe Biden called the flight ban “fear-mongering.”  Congressman Eliot Engel said it was “racist.”
As the pandemic spread across the globe, the WHO became even more dangerous.  On February 29, it issued this statement: “Travel bans to affected areas or denial of entry to passengers coming from affected areas are usually not effective in preventing the importation of cases ...”
Just a few weeks later, almost the entire world went on lockdown.  Now, in attempt to save the WHO, some entertainers are participating in a “virtual” concert to benefit the organization which is under extreme pressure.
Last week, President Trump announced a suspension of the almost $500 million a year the USA donates to the WHO.  Mr. Trump saying the USA wants to investigate exactly why the World Health Organization misled the planet.
But almost immediately, Nancy Pelosi objected, calling the President a “science denier.”
There comes a point when fair-minded people have to speak up.  The far-left movement, of which Nancy Pelosi is a leader, is a demonstrably destructive enterprise.  It generally despises capitalism, does not respect private property, and sees America as an “oppressive” nation which is consistently wrong if not downright evil.
That mindset has now taken root not only in foreign countries, but also right here at home.  However, one of the few benefits of the pandemic is that far left concepts are increasingly being challenged with undeniable facts.
The truth is we do not live in a “one world” situation, no matter how many ill-informed people say differently. There are enormous differences among countries and some nations are exceedingly dangerous to the human condition.
Like China.  
So you can sing “we are the world, we are the children” all you want, but understand by doing that, you are not making the world a better place.
Unless you think lethal pandemics are beneficial.