Our Country
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 31, 2018
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Our Country

An outfit called “hiddentribes.us” recently put out a poll on why Americans are so divided politically. The results are somewhat predictable but instructive none-the-less.

When asked if America is a better country than most others, 82 percent of the respondents agreed. Only 18 percent did not.

But among that 18 percent were folks who describe themselves as “progressive activists.” 54 percent of Americans in that category do not think the USA is a better place.

While their raw numbers are small and often non-existent in rural America, the PA crew has clout. A number of billionaires (think George Soros) inhabit far left precincts and so do an increasing number of celebrities (think Robert DeNiro and Barbra Streisand).

Some internet and media barons also swim in progressive activist waters, using their wealth and cyberspace power to get the PA message out.

But it is the national press that most of all advances the far left agenda. The networks and major urban newspapers were always liberal. But now, after the election of Donald Trump, they have abandoned all moderation and have allied themselves with the PA movement.

What every progressive activist has in common is the often false belief that they are virtuous people. They strut around condemning folks who disagree with them, calling them racist, sexist, etc. The progressive movement is built on self/righteousness and grievance. As the study shows, the PA’s do not believe America is a noble nation and want a complete overhaul of our economic and political system. They also embrace political correctness which is designed to inhibit speech and, as we saw with Brett Kavanaugh, the progressive activist forces do not believe in the presumption of innocence when their political opponents are involved.

For the vast majority of Americans who do believe their country is a better place, the progressive extremists don’t really register all that much. Folks who closely follow the news sense the danger and are rebelling against the corrupt media. However, those who are politically engaged are the minority in this country. Most citizens can’t tell George Soros from Georgie Porgie.

The progressive activists are counting on a distracted populace. They have money, the media, and are driven to tear down the structure we have in place. The PA’s are largely ruthless people who brook no dissent and will destroy opponents if they can.

Those of us who truly understand this movement must spread the word about what’s really going on.

Where is Paul Revere when we need him?