PC Culture Condemns Tom Brokaw's Comments
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 29, 2019
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There is heavy irony in the fact that Tom Brokaw is being battered for giving his opinion that foreign born Hispanics in the USA have to do a better job at assimilating. Brokaw works for an outfit, NBC News, that has championed political correctness and looked the other way while cheap charges of racism have been routinely leveled against conservative Americans.

Did you not notice that, Tom?

But now you are the racist in the eyes of the politically correct progressive left which does not tolerate negative statements about minority groups.

As I reported yesterday, Brokaw’s primary mistake was generalizing. That never goes down well especially if there’s a negative attached. I taught high school in Dade County, Florida and Hispanic students were everywhere. Most had assimilated quite well. Eyewitness report.

I know Tom Brokaw slightly and he is your standard issue liberal guy who enjoys the company of wealthy and powerful people. He is from South Dakota but assimilated quite well to the salons of Manhattan and Washington DC. I never saw malice in him.

However, there might be a touch of karma in play here. Right?

Tonight on the No Spin News, what are President Trump’s chances of re-election? We’ll have special analysis which begins at 7 eastern time.

Hope to see you then.

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