By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 9, 2021
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Imitating the bloody baptism scene in The Godfather, anti-Trump zealots are coming with guns blazing.  The horrendous display of sedition and treachery at the nation’s Capitol has provided some leftists with a license to figuratively kill and they are locked and loaded.
President Trump is the primary target and he is badly wounded with more pain to come. Mr. Trump is obviously loathed by many powerful people and is now stripped of defenders. Those who would even grant the President a fair hearing are putting themselves at risk.  
Mr. Trump’s failure to tamp down the angry protestors supporting him in Washington has destroyed his legacy.  The Trump-haters are screaming that he “encouraged” the violence but I believe that’s false.  The President is an opportunist and smart enough to understand that a calculated violent attack on Congress in his name would destroy him.  Because of his bitterness over the election and the unprecedented press mistreatment he’s received, the President has lost all perspective and personal discipline.
Not an excuse, just accurate analysis.  I know the man.
Now we have even more hatred.  Let me ask a simple question: do you think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer care about “bringing the country together?”  Of course they don’t. They want to punish Donald Trump and every single one of his supporters by ginning up another impeachment fiasco that they know will light yet another fuse in this nation.  Joe Biden has not signed on because he understands the brutal consequences of totally emasculating his predecessor, a man who garnered 74 million votes.
I’m not even going to address the corrupt media which believes its reckless disregard of facts and perspective is a moral obligation. But social media?  Now, that’s a different story.  Pun intended.
I agree that violent threats and defamation must be policed by Silicon Valley.  But denying the President and others the right to express opinions is dangerous to the nation. Companies have a perfect right to “flag” what they deem as inaccurate.  But punishing political expression is obviously unconstitutional.  The corporate media uses anonymous, unverifiable sources every day and social media aggressively distributes that.  We are in a danger zone here that may require Congressional scrutiny.
It is beyond any doubt that the assault on Congress by Trump supporters has created a national emergency.  We are descending into the madness of irrationality.  In addition, the anti-Trumpers are now exacting vivid revenge and there doesn’t seem to be any cease fire in sight.
And so our divided nation turns to you, Joe Biden.  Defuse it.  As best you can.