Political Correctness
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 24, 2018
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So now the word “nationalist” is some kind of racist code for being a Klan member or something. If you go to the dictionary, the first definition of nationalist is “patriotic.” Doesn’t matter, the thought police say that nationalism is bigotry especially because President Trump has endorsed the concept and that’s that. Paging George Orwell.

Yesterday, NBC host Megyn Kelly told her audience that she is tired of political correctness and doesn’t see why Halloween costumes can’t include black face makeup. A few hours later she apologized and confessed to being racially insensitive telling fellow NBC employees that everybody should spread love.

Well, number one, if Ms. Kelly is really exhausted by PC, she shouldn’t be working for NBC which embraces the politically correct culture with unbridled enthusiasm. In fact, the NBC Nightly News laced Ms. Kelly on the air which is a stark message to her.

And secondly, the host should understand that white entertainers in black face historically mocked African-Americans so there is a clear legitimacy to avoiding that insult on Halloween and every other day.

There is a huge difference between wearing a Mexican sombrero to a costume party and bringing back historical wrongs. The thought police cannot understand the difference but a national broadcaster should.

Polls show that an overwhelming number of Americans despise the PC culture and loathe the thought police. But as long as the media props up the circus we’ll have them around.

And as long as public people fail to understand historical injustice, and make mistakes like Megyn Kelly, the PC overlords will have enough ammunition to continue their reign of terror.

Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll continue our reporting on the migrant march and also get into this PC stuff a bit more.

See you beginning at 7 eastern time.

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