Political Evil
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 10, 2018
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Political Evil
The Democratic Party associated with the Kennedy family is gone.  I’m not speaking of John and Bobby Kennedy but of the Yonkers, New York Kennedys - my maternal grandmother.  She would be horrified about what is going right now.
Last month in Atlanta, a bunch of wealthy democrats gathered very privately to plan political strategy.  
Among those attending the conference were Democratic National Committee Chief Tom Perez and former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, a very best friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
According to reporting by The Washington Beacon, the conversation was all about a future liberal agenda that might be imposed on the country.  
Heading up the wish list were the following: free health care for all via Medicare, free college tuition, and reparations for slavery to African-Americans.
Of course to pay for all that, the federal government would have to seize corporate and individual assets; it would have to go socialist.
While many democrats would undoubtedly balk at a socialist system, the people in Atlanta are deadly serious.  Headed by a group called “The Democracy Alliance,” the leftists have already enlisted organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Collective PAC to their cause.  
But it is another group at the conference that is the most alarming.
The Solidaire Network is made up of wealthy liberal donors who give money to groups and individuals who foster protest and take “direct action.”  That could mean organizing sponsor boycotts, paying pressure groups to demonstrate outside a business, or even paying individuals to accuse public figures of wrongdoing.  This kind of behavior has a name: Black Political Power.
Most Americans are totally unaware of this revolting strategy even though it was made public when one of the women accusing President Trump of “misconduct” had her mortgage paid.  In fact, for years big money has been secretly dispersed in order to destroy people.  There is an audio tape of a far left lawyer offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Virginia woman if she would accuse Donald Trump of “misconduct.”  A close associate of mine has heard the tape and we are urging the person who has it to turn it over to a U.S. Attorney.
According to reports, the Solidaire Network has formed a “resistance” fund.  It’s mandate is to combat “immediate threats” to immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, black people, and LGBTQ communities.  The fund has access to millions of dollars which means major damage can be done to anyone or anything targeted.
You will not hear about the Solidaire Network or the Black Political Power abusers from the national media that often sympathizes with the hard left point of view.  But the next time you see a person in politics attacked, accused, boycotted, or investigated - take a pause.  
There is hidden evil in this country and it is causing grave damage.
Do democrats really want to be involved with that evil?  Open question.  
But a few weeks ago in Atlanta some of them were.