Political Warning
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 1, 2022
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Right on time, the director of Homeland Security, the always impressive Alejandro Mayorkas, has issued a warning that far-right anti-semites may be planning to attack Jews and other minority groups.
This is a standard issue from Mayorkas, who has never acknowledged that last year, out of 690 mass shootings in America, only seven were perpetrated by a lone gunman. That stat comes from the Violence Project, which defines "mass shootings" as four or more people being hit by gunfire.
The threat of gun violence comes primarily from criminal drug gangs that terrorize inner cities.
Where is the warning about them, Mr. Mayorkas?
Nowhere because street crime doesn't register at the Biden propaganda mill; too many minority criminals are involved. Better to concentrate on white supremacists who apparently now run the Republican Party.
And, of course, we do have far-right hate groups in America. Alejandro and the Justice Department have been hunting them for almost two years. Outside of the revolting January 6 exposition, these white nationalists have been tough to track down.
Alejandro doesn't really care, anyway. Donald Trump foolishly dined with two anti-semites, so he was ordered to issue "the warning."
That's the way it works in Biden's world.
See you tonight for the No Spin News.