President Obama Believes His Foreign Policy Is Working
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 22, 2015
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First off, Talking Points has been telling you that the world is descending into chaos because the USA has retreated from a power position overseas.

Item, after President Obama pulled all American troops out of Iraq, ISIS terrorists invaded the country ... and they are still there.

Item, millions of people in Syria have been killed or driven from their homes by a vicious civil war that has included the use of poison gas and chlorine by the Syrian tyrant Assad.

President Obama has threatened Assad but done nothing.

Item, after proclaiming the country of Yemen a success story in the War on Terror, that country's government has collapsed and it is now being run by terrorists.

Item, the Russian tyrant Putin has seized Ukrainian territory and is saber-rattling all over Eastern Europe.

Item, after NATO removed the brutal dictator Gaddafi in Libya, no peacekeeping force was left behind.

The result, terrorists now control much of the country and thousands of refugees are fleeing across the Mediterranean into Europe.

Item, in the Pacific, China is claiming territory that has historically belonged to the Philippines and Vietnam, and it looks like China will get away with it.   Putin did.  Why not them?

Item, more than a year ago in Nigeria, the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped about 250 young girls.  Those girls are still missing.

So you can see the litany of atrocities all over the world is growing, and I didn't even mention the horrors in Afghanistan and the misdeeds of Iran.

Nevertheless, here's what President Obama said yesterday:

OBAMA: “There's a lot of tumult and chaos around the world right now.  And part of our goal, as the world's leading superpower, is to work with partner countries, to try to resolve conflicts, to be ruthless in going after terrorism, but we're not going to do that by ourselves and we're not going to do it just by deploying more Marines in every country that has these problems.”

But it's not about putting Marines on the ground.  It's about motivating the free world to confront the jihad and other threats to global order.

The president also refers to partner countries.  But as we have pointed out, the 60-nation coalition allegedly united to fight ISIS does little or nothing on that front.

And most folks agree with me according to a brand new Fox News poll which asked:

How are things going in the fight against ISIS?

  • Very well, 3%
  • Somewhat well, 30%
  • Somewhat badly, 34%
  • Very badly, 29%

Do you approve of how President Obama is handling Iran?

  • 32% approve
  • 57% disapprove

It is worth noting that about 32% of Americans will back everything Barack Obama does, so he isn't getting much support outside his Kool-Aid folks.

To me, President Obama is living in a dream world and he gets away with it because the real world doesn't really care anymore.

Putin knows that; the jihadists know that.

They can commit atrocity after atrocity and little is done about it.

The rise of ISIS is a disgrace to the world.  It should be been stamped out immediately after those killers began murdering civilians.

But President Obama and the world dithered, and now ISIS has spread all over the Middle East and North Africa.

Talking Points laments the state of the world and strongly suggests that the president of the United States get real.

Things are bad.  Period.

And that's the memo.


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