President Obama and Race
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 12, 2016
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Today in Dallas, Mr. Obama addressed the world, trying to calm racial tension in the USA.

OBAMA“Scripture tells us that in our sufferings, there is glory.  Because we know that suffering producers perseverance.  Perseverance, character.  And character, hope.”

All of that is true but it is also rhetorical.  And while the president is trying to lift spirits, we do need some targeted programs in America to tamp down racial animosity.

The president hit a high note and a dubious note.

First the good:

OBAMA“We’re going to have to be honest with each other and ourselves.  We know that the overwhelming majority of police officers do an incredibly hard and dangerous job fairly and professionally.  They are deserving of our respect and not our scorn.”

Very well put by the president.

But then Mr. Obama veered away from the present and into the land of grievance.

OBAMA“We also know that centuries of racial discrimination, of slavery, and subjugation and Jim Crow, they simply didn’t vanish at the end of lawful segregation.  They didn’t just stop when Doctor King made a speech or the voting rights act or civil rights act were signed. “

The president went on to say that race relations have quote "improved dramatically in my lifetime.” But raising the specter of slavery and Jim Crow gives the haters an excuse and fuels the grievance industry.

If we are ever to become one nation under God, we will have to put the grievances behind us and not use them as an excuse for bad behavior.

That means acceptance of past sins and a determination to never let mass discrimination happen again.

To some extent the president understands this, but he is not powerful enough in stating it.

Instead he dwells on the problem rather than the solution.

OBAMA“But America, we know that bias remains.  We know it.  Whether you are black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or Middle Eastern descent, we have all seen this bigotry in our lives at some point.” 

The truth is bias will always be with us. Every country has it.  From the dawn of mankind, unfair treatment has occurred.

Americans should all be in this together.  But we are not.  What we really need is a federal government to create laws that are fair and make sure they are enforced without prejudice.

It won't be easy, but it's possible.

And that's the memo.

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