President Obama stays north of the border
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 9, 2014
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It has been a bizarre few days for the president.

Yesterday he was in Colorado, raising money and socializing; drinking beer; playing pool.

In a calm time, there would be nothing wrong with that, but this is far from a calm time.

War could break out in the Middle East at any moment, and we now have about 60-thousand foreign children under U.S. care because the southern border is so chaotic.

Many are calling that a humanitarian disaster, and it is.

So let's see ... possible war in the middle east ... a humanitarian disaster on the border ... and Barack Obama is socializing. Not good.

Today the president arrived in Texas for more fundraising and socializing.

He is refusing to go to the border, which has even some of his own supporters mystified:

REP. HENRY CUELLAR (D-TX): "He's so close to the border. And let me say this: when I saw, and I hate to use the word bizarre, but under the circumstances, when he is shown playing pool in Colorado, drinking a beer, and he can't even go 242 miles to the Texas border, and plus, if he doesn't want to go down to the border, there's the Air Force Base where HHS is holding some of the young kids from the border. He could at least make that trip to San Antonio."

Instead of visiting the border, the president met with Governor Perry late this afternoon in Dallas.

After that, the president assessed the border situation, basically blaming the House for failing to deal with issue and NOT passing a comprehensive immigration law.

OBAMA: "Congress has the capacity to work with us, work with state officials, local officials, faith based groups and not for profits that were helping care for these kids. Congress has the capacity to work with all parties concerned to directly address this situation."

In the Q-and-A that followed his remarks, the president addressed the National Guard being sent to the border, that we here have endorsed.

OBAMA: "The governor's one concern that he mentioned to me was that setting aside the supplemental, I should go ahead and authorize having natl guard troops surge at the border right away. And what I told him is that we're happy to consider, we could deploy natl guard down there but that's a temporary solution. Not a permanent solution."

So what.  Stop the bleeding, Mr. president.  Protect those poor children who are being exploited.  Come on, take some action!

It is indeed strange that President Obama does not see the damage being done to his legacy.

I mean when the mainstream media, which generally adores the man, starts to hammer him you would think he would wake up and smell the chaos.

But no, the president does not seem to feel any sense of urgency to confront growing problems all over the world.

Even his most dedicated supporters, sound confused.

REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE (D-TX): "It's almost like the crisis in Syria generated this enormous crisis on border of Jordan. It certainly doesn't equal what we're doing, but that's what happens and that's what happened. I don't think in any way you can fault the administration for this."

Ms. Lee is babbling; she makes absolutely no sense.

Anyone who doesn't fault the administration for the border mess and the rise of terrorism in the Middle East is a moron ... M-O-R-O-N ... moron.

Finally, let's deal with the compassion issue.

Today the U.N. is lobbying to designate many of the children and their guardians, who illegally entered the U.S.A., as refugees.

The United Nations believing that Central American countries are somehow oppressing their populations.

Let me tell you something, Central America has been out of control for decades and the U.N. knows it.

But that body would love to dump the problem of incompetent and corrupt governments into the lap of the American taxpayer.

If you watch the Factor you know we have had some intense debates with those who believe that we should accept every child who lives in dire circumstances around the world.

And if you disagree with that opinion, you are a mean person, unchristian.

But the harsh truth is that America simply cannot assimilate the oppressed populations of the world, including the poor children.

Our own poor children are getting short-changed because of the billions of dollars the government is spending, trying to provide social justice for the rest of the world.

America is nearly bankrupt and believe me that is not compassionate towards we the people.

I myself give hundreds of thousands of dollars to poor children in Mexico, in Haiti and other troubled places around the world.

All Americans should do what we can to help the poor of the world.

But creating huge social and economic problems inside our own nation is irresponsible and un-American.


And that's the memo.