President Trump Announces Supreme Court Nominee
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 10, 2018
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Most Americans will admire the new Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. At age 53, he is a man of accomplishment and character. His speech at the White House last night was a good one. When he reached back and gave his young daughter a “middle five,” I smiled.

Yet just moments after the speech the dark left began its attack campaign. The pro-abortion people wailed, the Trump haters screamed. It was in a word revolting.

Then came the accusation that Judge Kavanaugh once called Hillary Clinton a “bitch.” The source: dark left smear merchant David Brock, a despicable human being and close friend of Mrs. Clinton. I expect the Judge to be asked about that at his Senate confirmation hearing. That’s how smears work.

There comes a time when decent Americans of all ideologies must say enough. We have reached that time. Many Americans do not like President Trump very much but, I believe, they disapprove of the dark left even more.

Judge Kavanaugh will most likely be confirmed because he is qualified and has excelled on the bench. But in the process he will be vilified and defamed. Americans, however, will notice who the dogs of attack are and will process that.

Tuesday on the No Spin News beginning at 7 eastern, we’ll analyze the Kavanaugh selection. Hope you watch, we’ll have great information for you.

Thanks for checking in with us.

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