President Trump Breaking Big News in His Interview with Me
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 7, 2017
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The headline-grabber was Mr. Trump talking about Putin, the president saying that the USA is guilty of some deadly judgments and we should not be so ready to condemn the Russian leader.

That was flashy but not really substantial. 

As we explained last night, President Trump wants to make a deal with Putin that would encourage Russia to help us crush ISIS and neutralize Iran.

So he is not going to alienate Putin at this time.

You may remember that President Roosevelt dealt with Stalin, a killer who makes Putin look like "Little Bo Peep."

FDR did that to defeat Hitler.

Also, as the president Tweeted, Barack Obama made deals with Iran even though the Mullahs are big-time killers.

So history is full of compromises, something that was not pointed out by the media in its rush to bash Trump over Putin.

To me, the most important thing the president said in that interview was that he will hold Iran accountable for aggressive actions.

That's a huge difference from President Obama, who did not want to confront Iran.

Also Mr. Trump will apparently punish sanctuary cities by withholding federal funds.

Like the refugee deal, that will lead to court challenges and things will get nasty.

The far-left will mobilize its protest apparatus; the president will be labeled a bigot.

However, I do not believe Donald Trump is going to back down from the sanctuary cities.

The other breaking news had to do with tax cuts.  The president saying they will happen this year.

Also Obamacare, which looks like it will take a little longer to dismantle than Mr. Trump originally thought.

All in all, a lot of news came out of a 36-minute interview.

As Talking Points stated last night, the president was direct and confident in his positions.

That of course drives the Trump-haters absolutely mad.

And that's the memo.

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