President Trump Meets With NATO Allies
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 11, 2018

President Trump in Europe is hammering some NATO allies for not paying their fair share to keep the alliance afloat.  He’s right in theory but his heavy hand in the negotiations is hurting America.

Every time a fissure develops among the US and its allies or trading partners, the international stock market takes a beating.  This directly hurts those who hold stocks and erodes investor confidence.  The President needs a vibrant economy in order to get his agenda implemented.  If the market wobbles, so does his presidency.

There is no doubt that Germany and China in particular are cheating us economically.  Our German allies have been derelict for years over NATO funding.  China has contrived a massive advantage in trade with America. 

President Obama was extreme in his failure to confront those situations.  Now, President Trump may be extreme in the opposite direction.

Tonight on the No Spin News, we will deal with the President’s trip, and also continue our reporting on the dark left.

Hope to see you beginning at 7 eastern time.  Thanks for checking us out today!

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