Promoting what's Best for the Country
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 28, 2021
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I tried to watch some cable news last night, but it was tough. No information flow, all fairly predictable opinion. I am a bit surprised Fox is so anti-vax. Why? The only thing that will diminish the Covid threat is the vaccine.

The two left-wing operations seem to love the vax and the masks and the mandates. Again, why? Forcing people to do anything erodes freedom, no question about that.  So, taking choice away from Americans is a good thing now? Apparently so if you subscribe to the propaganda on CNN and MSNBC.

As for me, your humble correspondent, I try to promote what I think is best for the country and that is volunteering to be vaccinated. Government force is a huge negative for the nation, is it not?

Also, I'm tired of seeing Biden wearing the dopey mask when we all know he takes it off whenever he's out of camera range.

So does Kamala.

Covid will subside as an epidemic before Christmas as 75 percent of us will be vaccinated by then. But it will always be around.

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