Protecting Joe
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 24, 2021
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Protecting Joe
The stage was set.  CNN had the evening nicely positioned for a Town Hall with President Biden.  A liberal audience in Baltimore along with the very friendly Anderson Cooper who's been there before.  What could go wrong?

Nothing.  Well, maybe one thing.

Nobody watched.

Just 1.3 million viewers tuned in.  Fox News crushed the Biden exposition, even the hapless MSNBC had significantly more viewers.  Now, that circumstance happens daily on the Cable News Network because it's largely boring and biased. But when you heavily promote a 90 minute special with the President of the United States, you expect more than 1.3.  Come on, man, there are 330-million people in this country!

Joe Biden, himself, was energetic and fairly relaxed on camera.  He understood that CNN had gathered audience questions in advance and there would be few of a challenging nature.  Mr. Biden also knew that Cooper would save him if he faltered - and old Anderson came through by quickly getting away from the border issue.

From the start, Mr. Biden stayed on message by promising to give Americans trillions of dollars in government subsidies.  Even when a civilian asked when gas prices would drop, Joe predicted next year but don't worry about it.  There are government giveaways that will compensate for higher fuel costs. Joey Warbucks is on the case.

Sadly, the question and answer format was tedious.  Largely because the President has no solutions to problems and Cooper wouldn't ask probing questions because the fix was in.

Example.  Mr. Biden adamantly supports Covid mandates and the left-leaning audience applauded his opinion. At that point, Anderson Cooper could have asked a very simple but necessary question: "Mr. President, if mandates suppress the spread of Covid, why does Florida have the lowest transmission rate in the nation. As you know, Florida passed a law BANNING mandates."

Again, Mr. Cooper could have asked that question.  And CNN could apologize for totally botching the "Russian-collusion" thing.

Neither will ever happen.

My favorite moment was when Joe Biden actually told the world he hasn't had time to visit the southern border, which is under siege from foreign nationals.  No joke, Mr. Biden said he has no time. Anderson Cooper just stood there, mouth closed.

And now you know why the American people don't have time to watch the President on CNN.