Putting Your Money Where Your Knee Is
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 12, 2020
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Putting Your Money Where Your Knee Is
Fascinating to see the nation’s intense culture war played out in Kansas City before the NFL opening game.  The Chiefs largely stood for the National Anthem and some players actually put their hands over their hearts.  My deceased father and grandfather, both war time vets, would have been proud.
The Houston Texans stayed in the locker room for the Anthem and I am thankful for that exposition.  It hurts me to see my country insulted so I’m glad I did not have to witness mass kneeling.
And I approve of clarity.  I now know exactly how the Houston team feels about America.
The football announcer Chris Collingsworth was extremely annoying, virtue-signaling that he “stands” with the players in their social justice protests.  Hey, Chris, spare us. We all know how noble you are.  And I’m happy to discuss your opinion on my news analysis program any time.  But using your entertainment platform to push a political view is exactly what the Academy Award pinheads do.
In truth, the bravest thing done at the game was play-by-play guy Al Michaels, a brilliant announcer, totally avoiding the culture stuff. By staying silent, Michaels knew he would be hammered by the “woke” mob, which is exactly what happened.
So here’s what’s GOING to happen to the National Football League.
Annoyed by the political correctness, many fans will stop buying merchandise from teams.  That huge source of revenue will plummet - with the Houston Texans leading the way.
TV ratings for the first game were down substantially from last year.  The teams are paid billions regardless, so they will not suffer there.  But the networks will.
Of course, the pandemic is severely limiting fans from going to the stadiums, so the ten dollar beers and six dollar hotdogs will be erased from the bottom line.  Along with the 30 dollar parking fee.
Right now, the average salary for an NFL player is $2 million per season; the lowest of all the major sports.  That’s because most players come out of college and sign for minimum union wages.  The NFL means “not for long.”  Many players are quickly injured and replaced by other young athletes. Average time in the league: less than three years.
What the players do not seem to understand is that the fans pay them.  And many spectators, perhaps most, do not want to see politics on game day.  I am among them.
I do respect dissent and well understand social injustice.  I have a charitable foundation that donates millions to help Americans who do not have equal opportunity for whatever reason.
Not virtue-signaling, just reporting.
The reason that I am able to give away millions of dollars is that the United States provided me, who had zero money when I left college, the opportunity to prosper.
The climb up was tough, requiring a massive amount of hard work.  I could not have done it in Sweden.  The NFL players could not have done it in Sweden.
So, this football fan objects to mixing politics with athletics.  As the cliche goes: give me a break!
However, I am interested in what the players think but not at the expense of seeing my country insulted.  So, no NFL gear for me this season.
And one more message to the protesting players.  Your salaries will start to decline as team revenue does.  Your knee will significantly affect your wallet.  Team owners are blowing smoke at you guys now, but money will ultimately prevail.
Always does.