Quite a Cuomo-tion
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 15, 2021
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Quite a Cuomo-tion
CNN will not fire Chris Cuomo. Unless, of course, he refuses to get vaxxed. Then he’ll be outta there faster than the network’s falling ratings.

And Mr. Cuomo shouldn’t be sacked simply for being a good brother. Loyalty in America is now rare because it requires caring about another person enough to put yourself at risk. 'What? What’s that? Loyalty?' I can hear the millennial confusion from coast to coast.

Here’s how I see this: Chris Cuomo believes his governor brother is innocent of intentional misbehavior because that’s what Andrew Cuomo quite clearly says. And in close-knit families, you support your siblings.

Before the workplace allegations, Chris had put Andy on his CNN program a number of times and they yukked it up - despite thousands of senior citizens dying in New York nursing homes because of Governor Cuomo’s reckless Covid order. Chris might have been lifting weights when that happened because he didn’t really address it. And he should have known better than to play Bud Abbott to Andy’s Lou Costello.

So where was CNN’s management while the Andy and Chris show was flowering? Well, they were where they always are - practicing being “woke.” Old people? Not a money demographic. Unless they’re trans old people.

The CNN poohbahs encouraged the Brother Act so how can they now fire a guy they, themselves, allowed to run wild? And what would be the reason for termination? Violating journalistic standards? Come on. Chris Cuomo’s program has nothing to do with journalism - it is designed and executed to give leftwing folks solace. Cuomo isn’t a bad guy, he’s a pliant guy. He does what CNN wants him to do.

In fact, that network is doing so poorly, it might consider a new primetime show called “The Cuomo Promo.” Chris and Andrew would co-anchor discussing a variety of topics such as narcissism and capitalizing on your famous name. The bros seem to have some chemistry and maybe people would watch. Maybe not.

In the end, Chris Cuomo will keep his job because his boss, Jeff Zucker, likes him. That’s loyalty too, in a somewhat twisted way. And all this talk about “standards” is the biggest baloney sandwich in the world.

Summing up: the Cuomo brothers once had it all - just like Bogie and Bacall. But now the ghost of bad karma has paid them a visit and the confrontation was harsh.

No need to pile on.