Regarding Trump's "S-hole" Remarks
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 11, 2018
President Trump’s description of some third world countries as "s-holes" has reignited the left’s contention that he is a racist.  So let’s examine the situation without vitriol, which should come as a welcome relief.
From the jump, Mr. Trump has said that he favors immigration that would strengthen America.  He wants to allow educated and productive foreign people in and limit folks who the USA would have to support until they get up to speed.  That’s his immigration viewpoint.
The left despises that point of view, feeling it goes against the concept of providing refuge to the persecuted and impoverished.  
Therefore, the battle lines were in place long before the President denigrated countries like Haiti and El Salvador, two places I have seen up close and personal.
The truth is that Haiti, El Salvador, and certain countries in Africa are troubled places where the misery index is off the chart.  That’s what the President was describing in his "s-hole" remark, I believe.  It would be inconceivable for a person in the President’s position to intentionally ridicule millions of people for no reason, would it not?
The continuing problem with the President’s tough guy rhetoric is that it allows interpretation.  Countries, of course, are inhabited by people.  In this case, people of color.  So by criticizing a country, you can be accused of maligning its people even if that wasn’t your intent.  Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union evil.  But he didn’t think the Russian people were evil.
The Trump-loathing media, already heavily invested in portraying him as a white supremacy advocate, is dancing in the streets over this. His political opposition, damaged by a surging economy, now has yet another attack vehicle - a diversion away from issues.
Donald Trump should finally come to grips with the fact that he must think about the repercussions of what he says.  In the past, his stream of conscious rhetoric has helped him achieve success.  But now it is harming him and the nation.
Listen to your mom: think before you speak!
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