Riots, Raids and Policing in the Post-9/11 World
By: BOR StaffSeptember 23, 2016
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Since 9/11, local police departments have received around $40 billion from the federal government for new equipment, much of it military-grade quality.  Law enforcement advocates say this combat gear is necessary in an age of terrorism and mass shootings.  But critics say the line between police and military is blurring, and that cops are often using the military equipment for the wrong reasons.  In this episode, we talk to two experts on this controversial issue. 

Craig Atkinson is the director of the new documentary film “Do Not Resist,” which chronicles the changes in law enforcement since 9/11 in what Atkinson says is the militarization of police.  "Do Not Resist" is in theaters on September 30. 

Dr. Ron Martinelli -- an expert on policing and author of "The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police" -- also joins the podcast to provide his unique insights into law enforcement tactics and strategy.

With the unrest in Charlotte, this issue has never been more important.  Listen now to learn what you need to know about policing in the post-9/11 world.



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