Roseanne Blames Ambien for Tweet; President of Mexico: We will never pay for your wall
By: StaffMay 30, 2018
Here is the Daily Briefing for Wednesday, May 30, where we round up the day's biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.

Roseanne Blames Ambien for Tweet

After ABC canceled her hit show "Roseanne" over her foul Twitter behavior, she went on another tweetstorm early Wednesday, retweeting fans who portrayed her as the victim of a liberal media double standard. She zig-zagged between apologizing for her remarks and retweeting memes that made her apology sound insincere. All told, she posted more than 100 times. Among her retweets: Photos of former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett side by side with an ape. It was Barr's earlier tweet about Jarrett that caused outrage and ultimately led to the show's cancellation. Barr still claims she was just joking when she compared Jarrett to "Planet of the Apes" and the Muslim Brotherhood in a tweet on Tuesday morning. In a reply to one of her fans, she said, "I honestly thought she was Jewish and Persian-ignorant of me for sure, but...i did." She also said she had been on Ambien, a medication used to treat insomnia, at the time.


President of Mexico: We will never pay for your wall

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Tuesday fired back at President Trump for renewing his claim that Mexico would pay for Trump's proposed border wall in the end. “NO. Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall. Not now, not ever,” Peña Nieto wrote on Twitter. “Sincerely, Mexico (all of us).” At a campaign rally in Tennessee earlier on Tuesday, Trump said that “in the end, Mexico is going to pay for the wall. They make all of this money, and they do absolutely nothing to stop people from going through Mexico, from Honduras and all these other countries, the caravan, all of this stuff,” the president said. “They do nothing to help us, nothing.”


Trump Wishes that he picked someone other than Sessions to head DOJ

President Trump on Wednesday said he wishes he had picked someone other than Attorney General Jeff Sessions to oversee the Justice Department. "I wish I did!" the president exclaimed in a tweet after quoting House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) saying the president "could have picked somebody else" to be the nation's top cop. The tweets from Trump come one day after The New York Times published a report that said the president requested Sessions rescind his recusal from the investigation into Russia's election interference.


CIA finds North Korea won't give up nuclear weapons

A CIA report found that North Korea does not plan to give up its nuclear weapons in the near future, contradicting President Trump’s statements that the country would do so, NBC News reported Tuesday. U.S. officials told the network that the report was circulated earlier this month, ahead of Trump’s decision last week to cancel his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. However, Trump has said that the summit could still happen. The CIA analysis reportedly suggests that the U.S. might be more successful in getting Kim to reverse the country’s recent progress on its nuclear program than getting the nation to denuclearize altogether. A top North Korean official headed to New York on Wednesday for talks aimed at salvaging a summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.


Kim Kardashian to meet with Trump at White House

Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian West is expected to meet with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday as she seeks the pardon of a 62-year-old woman who is serving a life sentence without parole for a nonviolent drug offense. Kardashian West spoke with Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner over the past several months about a potential presidential pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, as Kushner pushes for prison reform. Johnson has been in a federal prison since October 1996 for her role in a drug trafficking case. Vanity Fair reported Wednesday that Kardashian West and her attorney will meet with Kushner at the White House at 4 p.m. before her meeting with Trump, which could take place in the Oval Office.


Trump slams Democrats, 'MS-13-lover' Nancy Pelosi in Nashville campaign rally

President Trump slammed Democratic leaders at a Tennessee rally Tuesday night, labeling former Gov. Phil Bredesen, a Democrat in the running to replace retiring Sen. Bob Corker, as an “absolute total tool of Chuck Schumer and, of course, the MS-13 lover Nancy Pelosi.” Trump, who defended labeling members of the MS-13 gang as “animals,” hit the House minority leader for taking exception with the classification. “We are all God’s children,” Pelosi argued in response last week. The president’s fiery comments, in front of a large crowd Tuesday at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, were made to boost GOP Senate hopeful Marsha Blackburn. “They’re more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you,” Trump said of Democrats as the crowd booed. The president said Bredesen, whom he claimed he had never even heard of, “donated a lot of money to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.” Trump went on to say, "Democrats have opposed every common sense measure to stop this horrendous scurge of crime, to dismantle MS-13 and to end illegal immigration," he continued. “You have to get out,” to vote, Trump said. “We need Marsha Blackburn to win.”


Report: 83 Percent of Palestinians Killed in Gaza Border Riots Were Terrorists

About 83 percent of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during the recent violent demonstrations at the Israel-Gaza Strip border were terrorist operatives or affiliated with terrorist organizations, according to a new report. The Israel-based Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) found that at least 112 Palestinians were killed during the Hamas-led riots from March 30 through May 15, and that at least 93 of them were identified as terrorists or associated with a terrorist group.


Yale grad credits success to conservative values

A recent graduate of Yale University says his conservative values helped him to succeed in college, despite a childhood spent in broken homes and foster care. In a New York Times op-ed titled Why Being a Foster Care Child Made Me Conservative,” Yale graduate Rob Henderson argues that time in foster care made him appreciate conservative values, such as two-parent families and personal responsibility. Those values, Henderson says, enabled him to avoid adopting a “victim” mentality that he believes would have caused him to give up on himself. A classmate suggested that Henderson was a victim, to which he recounts retorting that “if someone had told me I was a victim when I was a kid, I would never have made it to the Air Force, where I served for eight years, or to Yale. I would have given up.”


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