Sarah Palin Not Invited to Senator McCain's Funeral
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 30, 2018
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It is unfortunate that Sarah Palin was not invited to the funeral for John McCain which will be held Saturday in Washington.

As you know, Governor Palin was nominated for VP on the McCain ticket in 2008. The two were never close and had little contact with each other after they lost the election.

Nevertheless, appearances count. Mrs. Palin has never criticized John McCain and should have been given the opportunity to honor him.

Senator McCain’s death has been covered extensively by the American media which once loathed him. A primary reason for the press turn-around is that the Senator was critical of Donald Trump and, of course, saved Obamacare by his vote in the Senate.

The media’s embrace of John McCain is about politics, not the Senator’s patriotism. If you are anti-Trump, the press will like you.

Tonight on the No Spin News, I will predict what will happen this coming fall as an intense political season begins. As always, we hope you will take the time to watch us.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.

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