Sharyl Attkisson on What is Poisoning the News Business
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 14, 2017

Bill turned to the timely subject of media corruption, beginning with this revelation:  "I am not on the Fox News Channel anymore because I was attacked by Media Matters and other far left concerns who did a number of untoward things.  We'll be litigating those down the road, and what happened to me was appalling." 

For more on that topic, he welcomed veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who worked for CBS News for many years and who chronicles media malfeasance in her new book "The Smear."  Attkisson identified a few of the major malefactors who have poisoned the news business.  "George Soros is ubiquitous," she began, "and when you look at organizations that are pulling strings you can be pretty sure he has supplied funding.  But there are lesser-known names that I've also noticed on Hillary Clinton's donor list time and again.  The same donors can give to a host of different groups and they tend to be a handful of people." 

Attkisson explained how a small number of left-wing activists are able to terrify sponsors.  "They want sponsors to believe that the pressure is coming from a groundswell of viewer support, but it's actually a very orchestrated effort among a few players.  We in the media have allowed the infiltration of these operatives, we have come to rely on them to provide news tips, and they have figured out how to get us to report certain stories."  Bill added, "They give out names and addresses of sponsors, they tell people to threaten boycotts, and this is all done in the shadows." 

Sharyl Attkisson elaborated on one particularly heinous manipulator, the notorious David Brock of Media Matters.  "I wanted to track down all the groups he has started or is affiliated with," she reported, "and I found a few dozen.  Both Republicans and Democrats cite him with both awe and disgust because they think he has been one of the most successful people at doing this.  I asked him to do an interview, but he refused."  She added that Brock has become extremely wealthy by drawing salaries from many different organizations and that many news outlets are terrified of Media Matters.  Bill groused, "It looks like this guy is making millions of dollars."  For more on all of this and what it means to you, check out Sharyl Attkisson's book.

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