She's Speaking
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 9, 2020
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She's Speaking

Kamala Harris is a dangerous woman.  She may be President of the United States one day and if that happens, everything will change in this country.  For the worse.  And maybe forever.

Senator Harris possesses many weapons in her quest for power.  She identifies as African American and uses skin color to attack and deflect.  Her running mate, Joe Biden, got a heavy taste of that when she told the world in a primary debate that Biden’s bigotry brought her pain as a little girl who was being bused to an integrated school.

A stunned Biden had no cogent reply.

Kamala is also a proud feminist who “believes women.”  Brett Kavanaugh got a massive dose of that when the Senator convicted him of terrible crimes on nationwide TV.  Despite being a career prosecutor, Ms. Harris totally denied Kavanaugh any semblance of due process, attempting to destroy him and, by extension, his wife and two daughters.

Later, when the FBI found zero evidence that Justice Kavanaugh had ever violated anyone, Senator Harris continued her witch hunt posture saying she believed a woman who accused Joe Biden of a physical crime.

But, incredibly, Mr. Biden does not hold a grudge against Kamala Harris and seems to be happy having her as a running mate. By the way, Senator Harris now believes Joe Biden is the greatest guy, not guilty of anything.

After last week’s debate, a focus group of regular folks run by Frank Luntz all agreed that Kamala Harris came across as “arrogant and condescending.”  Looked that way to me, too.  When Vice President Pence tried to correct misstatements by the Senator she snapped: “I’m speaking.”  Three times.

And it was true, she was speaking - saying words that were false.  She said President Trump called the pandemic a “hoax.”  He did not.

She said fracking would not stop if the democrats won.  She said the exact opposite at a Town Hall.

She said Abraham Lincoln refused to nominate a Supreme Court judge while campaigning for a second term.  Not true.

So what we have here is failure to communicate in an honest way.  But when Mr. Pence attempted to point that out, Ms. Harris gave him a look of contempt.  The message was clear: how dare you contradict me, Kamala Harris!  A woman who believes all women.  A woman who will not be silenced by the likes of you or any other misogynist.

Perhaps I am being too harsh on Kamala Harris.  I have never met her.  She has accomplished much in her life.  But from what I have witnessed and heard, the Senator’s hobby is being ruthless, and her gleeful quest is to punish those with whom she disagrees.  In Washington, she has plenty of company in those pursuits.

This makes her dangerous if you are a traditional American who believes in due process, honest discourse, and a country that does not divide people into race and gender camps.  So, if the Biden/Harris ticket wins, all of us including old Joe better had better watch our backs.

That’s because the little girl on the bus is now a left-wing zealot consumed with obtaining power.  When Kamala is speaking, you interrupt at your own peril.