Shooting Straight on the Gun Controversy
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 29, 2018
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Shooting Straight on the Gun Controversy

It is a good thing that millions of American young people are now engaged on the gun violence issue, as the country benefits from civic involvement.   

But it is a bad thing that so many folks calling for government regulated gun policy have no idea how to really solve the problem.    

The mayor of Chicago, an uber-liberal named Rahm Emmanuel, has been in office for six and a half years.  During that time, nearly 20,000 people have been shot in the Windy City, close to 5,000 of them are dead.    

In fact, almost twice as many Americans have been killed by gunfire in Chicago than in Afghanistan, where war has been raging for almost 17 years.  Bet you didn’t know that.    

Chicago and the state of Illinois have pretty strict gun regulations.  Anyone owning a firearm of any type must register and get a card from the state police.  You cannot carry an exposed gun in Illinois and the state does not honor carry permits from other states.    

Of course, the gun killers in Chicago do not register with anyone; they buy guns from other criminals. They are armed, dangerous, and out-of-control.    

Mayor Emmanuel has had long enough to mitigate the murder problem.  He and his liberal city council cannot do it.  Emmanuel is big on rhetoric, short on ideas.  Guns are readily available to killers in his city.  While gun crimes in other cities like New York have declined, the Windy City is more dangerous than Kabul.    

The violence in Chicago is driven by gangs of hoods, mostly black.  They sell narcotics, extort money from honest people, and war among themselves.    

Gang members usually come from poor families where the father is absent.  They are largely uneducated and disrespectful.  To them, life is cheap.    

The state of Illinois really doesn’t want to confront the gang member profile because it is politically incorrect to do so.  The race hustlers will brand you a bigot if you define the root cause of the violence: the failure of the family.  Illegal firearms should never be acceptable but guns don’t pull their own triggers.    

The dissolution of the traditional family will never be fixed in our lifetime.  Instead, white supremacy will be blamed for the chaos and nothing will change.  The honest people living in the gang-ridden neighborhoods are terrorized every day.  And Rahm Emmanuel is not coming to help them.    

In truth, the federal government could diminish gun crime by making all criminal activity involving firearms a federal offense with mandatory time in the penitentiary.  If you are caught carrying an illegal gun - that’s five years, first offense.  Shoot someone - 25 years to life.  The feds should take punishment for gun violations away from states like Illinois which have failed so miserably to protect their citizens.    

But that would load up the federal prison system with more minorities - something the left cannot abide.  After all, it is white supremacy and guns that force gang thugs to kill people.  Not really their fault.    

So the kids “marching for our lives” might consider just how complex this gun issue really is.  But they will not be told the story of Chicago in any meaningful way.  No, they will believe that gun bans and other legislative measures will stop the madness.    

When, of course, they will not.

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