Slouching Towards Socialism
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 12, 2023
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Slouching Towards Socialism

Joe from Scranton recently revealed himself in Philadelphia as a Bernie Sanders acolyte. In laying out his fantastical budget, the President unmasked the socialist within. Somewhere, Mao, Fidel, Trotsky, and Stalin were celebrating, very likely in a hot place.

President Biden's vision is free healthcare, free child care, guaranteed family leave, and subsidies for expensive medicines, among a very long list of other government perks.

If you are earning less than $50,000, the feds would then subsidize much of your life.

That's socialism. No need to do much; the Democrats will take care of you.

Sweden operates like this, but there are just 11 million people in that frigid country - 330 million in the USA.

Joe knows his budget will never pass a Republican House but so what? He continues to enlist voters who want entitlements. And there are millions of them.

Even though "free ride" Biden espouses massive giveaways, they will not happen now. However, the seeds of socialism have been sown, a baseline established.

In order to pay for all the benefits, the President would heavily tax corporations and investors, raising the capital gains rate to an absurd level. If that ever happens, robust capitalism would be badly damaged as investment and business expansion dry up.

But there's something even worse in Biden's playbook. He wants to tax the assets of wealthy Americans. That's the seizure of private property - a communist tenet.

The 16th amendment gives the federal government the right to tax "income." Houses, unrealized stock and bond gains, and material things like art collections are not income if they are unsold.

So, this part of Joe's economic agenda is clearly unconstitutional. Again, he does not care. Progressive policies take time to evolve into reality. Hello, gay marriage.

But back to the budget speech. As usual, Joe Biden evoked his father, a working-class Scranton guy. Biden always does this to mask his radicalism under the cloak of a traditional upbringing.

Seems to me that the Biden family did pretty well without government handouts. Joe's father earned enough so his son and three siblings could enjoy prosperity. The working-class Bidens didn't seem to need an aggressive nanny in Washington, DC.

Same with my father in Levittown, New York. He worked hard, earned an honest buck, and provided enough so my sister and I had a decent shot at moving up.

My dad would have been embarrassed to take government handouts. He didn't want free stuff believing that it promoted weakness and dependence.

I think Joe Biden's father probably felt the same way.

But we'll never hear that from free ride Joe.

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