Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe's Big Mistake; Bernie Goldberg Opines
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 10, 2019
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Hey Bill O' Premium Members and welcome to the No Spin News Wednesday July 10th, 2019. Take Your Country Back.

  We have a lot of new viewers tonight because I open this No Spin newscast for everybody. Everybody can see it because it's an important news day, particularly with the American women's soccer team being honored here in New York and I got a lot to say about it. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to kind of read you my radio commentary today. As some of you know I do the O'Reilly Update on about one hundred and sixty radio stations, soon to be two hundred and fifty before the year's end. All over the USA and I got into the Megan Rapinoe thing and that's how you say her last name, pretty heavily today. So I'm going to read this to you and then I'll expand upon it. Then Bernie Goldberg is going to tell me where I'm going wrong.

  All right so Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the women's Gold Cup, World Cup champion. She won the gold, whatever it is, the most valuable player. She has turned the entire process into a Megan Rapinoe show. All right. So the U.S. women's soccer team is being honored with a parade. But who is everybody talking about? Not the whole team, they're talking about Megan. All right because Megan goes on CNN and I think MSNBC last night and smears Trump. Now we'll play a soundbite a little while. Now could not Megan have waited two days to do that? I mean they will take her any time. Did she have to do that? Right on the eve before the parade? When the honor is being given to the whole team. Think about it. This should be an occasion honoring the victory of the women's team for all Americans to celebrate. Everybody. Including the sixty three million people who voted for Donald Trump. Everybody should be happy but everybody's not happy because of Megan. All right. So she has almost single handedly destroyed what should have been a very positive time for the USA. If you looked at the parade entry today, they played the Star Spangled Banner. She didn't have her hand over her heart. Rest of the team did. Rest of the team did. I think it was one guy to the right that didn't. But not her. No no no no no. OK. Now if she doesn't want to put her hand on her heart, that's her right. OK. Her right as an American. But she's being an exhibitionist. If she doesn't want to go to the White House, that team's not going to be invited, but if she doesn't want to go, that's her right, I don't have any problem with that. I don't have any problem with Megan Rapinoe's dissent at all. She doesn't like America? She doesn't like Trump? That's fine. OK but she basically is using this great achievement by the women's soccer team to promote herself. This is narcissism. That's what narcissism is. Now 10 years ago this could never happened. But now narcissism is celebrated in this country and to say I'm not go into the F'in White House, that's crude. That's just crude and again designed to bring attention to herself. Now she apologized or something today, I don't know what it was. Wasn't specified but it was insincere. Megan Rapinoe wants to be a star. Just like Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.


 Now. Politics and sports and this is what I'm gonna ask Bernie Goldberg about because he covered sports for HBO. Again if you're an athlete. You're an American and you have a right to a political opinion. But do you have the right as Colin Kaepernick did to use the game? All right to use the game to get your political point across? So Kaepernick kneels down on game day. Knowing the cameras are going to take this. He could have done his protest against America and the cops any other day. Do you have to do it on Sunday? Yes because it was during a sporting event. Now I told you this then, I'll tell you it now. I'm the team owner. I say to him, I respect your dissent about America but you're not doing it on game day. Why? Because you're hurting the team and you're hurting our franchise and you're offending our fans on purpose. You're not doing it and if you don't like it, there's the door. That's what I do if I'm the owner. For Megan Rapinoe, nobody's going to criticize her. None of her teammates. Nobody in the World Cup because if they do, the New York Times will cut their throat and so will NBC. Nobody is going to do that. But believe me when I tell you they know what's happening there. They know that Rapinoe has hijacked the entire thing for her own self gratification. So to me this, whole World Cup thing is... I just want it over with. And I'm an American and I was rooting for them. OK. I wanted them to win. They deserved the win. They're magnificent athletes. But now I don't want to hear about it anymore. I don't want to hear about Megan Rapinoe. Let The View hire her. That's where she wants to go. All right fine. They'll be a TV movie about her on Netflix. What a great person, how noble you are. And you know do I really care why she doesn't like Trump? No. Millions of people don't like Trump. All right. I know you don't like him, vote him out. But when I watch a soccer game, I want to watch a soccer game. Not you venting about politics. If I want to watch that, I will watch cable news. It's just really annoying.

 Now Miss Rapinoe is virtuous. All right. This is the virtue signalling, in the left wing precincts, where she lives and the accolades will come in. And believe me it will translate into money, just like Kaepernick is a is a spokesperson for Nike. You know Rapinoe is gonna be in your face and all that. That's capitalism and that's OK. OK. But believe me when I tell you she's gonna get that money by diminishing her teammates. Do people know they are? You know, I knew this one that people know. Now the I just a quick equal pay thing. Look the women's soccer athletes should be paid what the men's soccer athletes are paid. The women are better than the men. Their marketing is stronger than the men. It's basically economics. So I don't have any beef there. Women are being paid less. They should be paid the same or more based upon what they're taking in. Ratings for that game were through the roof with the Netherlands. No problem with that. Now again I don't care why Megan Rapinoe doesn't like America or Trump but it's instructive to listen to her try to explain it. Go.


 "What is your message to the president?".


 "Message to the president. I think that I would say that your message is excluding people. You're excluding me, you're excluding people that look like me. You're excluding people of color. You're excluding you know Americans that... that maybe support you."


 All right. So Miss Rapinoe I understand is gay. How on earth is she being excluded? She is the captain of the American women's soccer team. She plays professionally for the Seattle team. She makes a lot of money. She can say whatever she wants to say. How on earth is the Trump administration impacting her? Ignore... I don't get it. I don't understand it. Yet Anderson Cooper... Come on. The follow up question is, What do you mean you're being excluded? You're one of the most famous people in the country right now. What are you being excluded from? Not the media. Not capitalism, not political dissent. You can do whatever you want. What do you mean excluded from? What? It is just insane. This stuff is insane. She doesn't know. She's got a grievance. It's like Kaepernick. He hates his country. Why? Because of slavery. Okay fine. You're going to hate America today because of slavery? Fine. So it doesn't stack all right. I bloviated enough.


 Let's bring in the purveyor of Bernard Mr. Goldberg from North Carolina. So most people know that you report sports for HBO. I'm sure you followed this story. What do you think of Miss Rapinoe?


 "Well here's what I think about the overall picture and I'll lead into Miss Rapinoe.  Sports used to be the place, Bill where we went to get away from the daily barrage of politics. I grew up and forgive the cliche in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. I grew up in the Bronx. I didn't know Mickey Mantle's politics. I didn't know Yogi Berra's politics. I didn't know Whitey Ford's politics. I don't think those guys knew their own politics. But that was a long time ago. That was then and this is now. I don't approve of what she said. I don't approve of the way she said it or the place that she said it. I don't approve of any of that. I was asked... my website has a weekly question and answer session and I was asked by one of the people on my Web site, shouldn't she have been fired? And maybe this is the one place you and I may disagree. Shouldn't she have been fired or banned for life for what she said? I said No. No that's not what we do. That's what the hard left does. If you say the wrong thing in the wrong place they want to ban you for life. That's not what we do. So while I don't agree with anything that she said or how she said it or where she said it and while I believe that sports is the place that we need to go to get away from all of this stuff, I don't want to see her banned for life. You made the point about Colin Kaepernick. You're right about that though. The owner of the team could have said we're not tolerating this. That's a good point. That's a fair point. I just don't want to see Megan Rapinoe again, who I disagree with. I don't want to see her banned for life because of what...".

  I wouldn't have done that either. But I would have told her if I had been the overlord of the World Cup thing, to tone it down for the sake of your teammates.  You know, let's just take a step back and you have plenty of time after. You'll still be famous. CNN will still want you. The New York Times will still lionize you. Let's just play the game. Forget about the White House visit til after it's all over. I would try to appeal to her on an intellectual human basis. Bernie you know how good I am at doing that.


 "No no. But seriously that's a very good way to do it. Yeah that's a very good way to do it. Let me...Let me say one other thing that may sound contradictory to everything I've said so far. You remember the 1968 Olympics, right Bill? I think you were about you were what 62 years old back then?".


 With the hand of the black power salute.


 "You didn't hear what I just said right?"


 Yes I did. I am not that old that old, Bernie. Everyone knows I look tremendous for my age.


 "Got it, yeah for 102. No but the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. John Carlos and Tommie Smith with their clenched fists.  I was not against that and the reason I wasn't against that is that those at the height of the civil rights movement. Black people were still being treated miserably in this country. I think in rare, extreme cases the connection between sports and politics is legitimate. I don't think it was legitimate with Megan Rapinoe in 2019."


 OK. Bernie Goldberg sent me a complimentary email which stopped my heart for about 30 seconds. I had to get one of those electric things to get back into the breathing pattern, on my column entitled "The Plan" that is filed on Bill O' My weekly column and I wrote it in Europe because I went there to examine a German economic system and I translated it over to this is what the Democratic Party wants. So number one, I appreciate it because you're usually mocking me. And number two I want you to tell the audience why you thought that column was worthy.


 "You know what I can tell you what I did in nineteen seventy one. Refresh my memory. I read your columns every week and sometimes...".


 The column was about how there is a plan in the Democratic precincts to basically make everybody the same economically. And it's based on what the Germans are doing.


 "Yeah I think if progressives ever took over this country and here's the bad news they might if not next time around sometime down the road, they may very well take over this country. It isn't gonna look like the United States of America that we know of today. It just isn't and it's not only with the way you make people equal in their view is you take away from... you punish success. That's a big thing with the progressive, you know Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, you punish success but it's even going to go beyond that. They're going to punish speech that they don't like. They're going to... they're going to pass laws where things are, they're going to define hate speech has all sorts of stuff. The kinds of stuff that I say and you say probably. It's not something that any of us regardless of whether we're liberal or conservative. There's a difference between being a reasonable liberal and being a left wing progressive. It's not something any of us  should look forward to.".


 It is a dangerous scenario and if you go to Germany you'll see that the German worker has enough money after the paycheck comes to him for cigarettes and beer and wine and to drive a car. But after that, that's it. Can't save a lot of money, can't invest a lot of money. Goldberg born in the Bronx, raised in modest circumstances. O'Reilly, born in Manhattan, raised in Levittown in very modest circumstances. We've both worked hard to accumulate assets so that we can live fairly well and we do live better than many other Americans. But we earned it. Because our system allows that. German system doesn't allow it and that's what the Democrats want.


 "And that's why you and I more than some elites. I mean to some extent we're part of the media elite. But you you and I came from... I came from a lower middle class background and I'm being generous by calling it lower middle class. I don't want to... I'm not apologizing for what I've achieved. And I'm not giving half of it away to total strangers who don't appreciate it. You know, I mean it's like if I hear the term fair share one more time I'm going to puke all over whoever said it. I mean we pay more than our fair share. And the way they want to achieve equality is not by drumming hard work and... and certain values into people of a lower economic class. They want to take away from people of a higher economic class. That will double achieve equality but not for the long run because if they ever raise taxes to a certain point, I stop working, that's it."


 It's going to really impact but is the philosophy that you don't have a right to be affluent no matter how hard you work. I want you to tell people how to get in touch with you on a daily basis, Goldberg. Go.


 "I want to.,, I want to thank you, Bill O'Reilly personally and I want to thank your audience. The last two times I was on, Bill gave me the opportunity just to talk about my new website and I said each time, I made a very particular point and that was if you want somebody to simply validate your own views. To tell you what you already believe, it's probably not the site for you. I don't want to waste your time. All I can offer you is honest opinion. I talk about the media a lot. I'm not a fan. I'm not a fan of big government. I'm not a fan of progressive values but sometimes I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, who should have a 65 percent approval rating but because of his behavior doesn't. Because of his persona, may not win re-election. So I'm going to hold the media accountable. I'm going to hold progressives accountable. And from time to time I'm going to hold Donald Trump accountable. Thank you all who came over after I said that last time. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and thank you Bill for letting me say it.".


 All right. Bernard Check it out. Always a pleasure, Bernie. We'll talk soon. Now if you really want to know what the progressive agenda is, you go to California. They are passing a new law in California where tax money is now going to pay the healthcare bills of illegal aliens. I think that's unconstitutional but California is doing it. In addition they're indoctrinating children. All right in the public school system. Riverside, California outside of Los Angeles, had a school board meeting. OK and at the meeting there was an ACLU woman. A lawyer, to explain that in the public school system in California you are to permit children, no matter what age to go to a doctor to have an abortion without telling their parents. Roll the tape.


 "A 16 year old is having sex with another 16 year old. Which we all know happens, right? Both of those people can be prosecuted under California law because there's no Romeo and Juliet assumption. Whether you are bound to that report those things that are technically crimes, is actually usually a no. So it is a little complicated. People have a right to leave school to seek confidential medical services without the consent or notification of their parents or guradians. And I think the key thing to remember here is that when you are thinking about conifdential medical release, the right belongs to the young person. So it doesn't belong to the parent."


 OK so I was an ACLU lawyer telling the school board, you better not tell the parents if a 16 year old, 14, 12 has an abortion. I got to tell you, this is way out of control. Now, California leads the league in this kind of stuff but it's coming to a school district near you. This tape is put together by a conservative organization called Our Watch Now. All right and you can go to their OurWatchNow I guess is .com. They have a big big tape on it. They explain everything. But it's coming.


 Joe Biden. Interesting guy. OK. So in 2016, the last year that Biden was vice president. He and his wife, Jill, who's a doctor donated 5,889 dollars to charity. Five thousand eight hundred eighty nine dollars to charity. Oh you. Subsequent years, previous years I should say, not the same. Which is nothing but not even 1 percent of their income. But in the last two years, 17 and 18 they up'd it. They up'd their charitable donations in anticipation of Biden running for president. So in 2017 Joe Biden made eleven million dollars, along with his wife, they file jointly. Because he wrote a book and he's doing lectures. Last year 18 they made four point six million. Get this. Biden is paid seven hundred seventy six thousand dollars by the University of Pennsylvania to be an instructor. Seven hundred and seventy six thousand dollars. University of Pennsylvania. Tuition about 80 grand. So anyway, Biden's a millionaire. He's always been an affluent guy. Never gave any money to charity but now he is. Thought you'd like to know.


 This Epstein story. I'm gonna wait on this because I don't know what the original plea bargain was based on. So the secretary of labor, Alex Acosta under fire for signing off on a deal with this low life in Miami a long time ago. The guy's a pedophile, Epstein. And now he's being recharged by the federal government for crimes in New York City, alleged crimes. So Acosta, Schumer's after him. You gotta resign... I gotta watch and get a little more information on this before I can make a fair assessment. Espstein I think we'll be convicted here in New York on federal charges and I think he'll go away for a long time as he should.


 In Arizona there was a study, at the Arizona State University that says young Americans, students have a very bad image of American police officers, law enforcement. Study at fifty thousand students and teenagers what they think of the cops and most said that the cops are bad. Why do you think that's happening? Media, media, media. Alright, quick break. Have a little mail then My Final Thought of the Day is, what happens when you order a pizza or when you go to McDonald's? What happens? That'll be my Final Thought. Roll the spot.


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 OK let's get a little mail here. Gary Weatherly. Hoover, Alabama.


 "Did Mexico send their military to the U.S. border to intercept illegal immigrants?".


 Yes. There's no good reporting from there but apparently Mexico sent troops to northern border and their border with Guatemala. I don't know what's happening because it's a dishonest situation. We can't get information, valid information.


 Richard Doria. Staten Island, New York.


 "Bill we gave up watching all the news channels. I have to say your information and straightforward approach saves us. About the illegal immigrants the Dreamers should do three years in a military for the right stay here.".


 I don't know about the military. I think they should do... you know two years of service at least and then backed taxes and all that stuff. It's got to be some benefit to the country. That's for sure.


 Fred Burdick. Dalton, Georgia.


 "Isn't Alexander Ocasio-Cortez playing with fire challenging Pelosi.?".


 Not really. As I said, Cortez doesn't want to be there. She wants to be a star. She can challenge Pelosi. What is Pelosi going to do. Cortez can raise as much money as she wants.


 Richard Daria. No... we just had Richard. Tammy on the message board.


 "I really appreciate your stories about the hardworking Korean immigrant that refurbished your bag and the liberal boycott of Home Depot.".


 Yeah we'll give you stuff you get nowhere else, Tammy that's for sure.


 Mark on the message board.


 "Our youngsters are not taught the kind of skill your immigrant merchant brought to our country.".


 That's true. Lisa.


 "Cut yourself some slack Mr. O'Reilly. You did paint homes in your younger days. I will definitely pay a visit to Home Depot and purchase stuff there.".


 Good. Let's help out Home Depot. Yeah I paint houses for a lot of years to get money for college and I was an alright painter. Not the best but I was a good manager and all that. But I can't fix anything. So if I go to Home Depot, I don't even know what the stuff is. It's very pathetic.


 Ryan, Concierge Member.


 "I'm in tears after your final thought. I too respect the work ethic I see in immigrants that come to this country.".


 Most of them are. Most of them work very very hard. I think we have to acknowledge that.




 "Absolutely agree with you on legal immigrants and their work ethic. Very few American born people have that ethic anymore.".


 It's true. OK. Concierge Members. I am zeroed in on you and your concerns and I want Premium Members to consider upgrading. Particularly because you're going to have questions about this election and I can't get them all in the mail segment. But you always get an answer unless the question is ridiculous on a Concierge level, so you might think about that. Word of the day, no codswallop when writing to Bill O' Final Thought in a moment about what happens when you go to a fast food joint. First this.


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 All right, here's the Final Thought of the Day. The machines, the smartphones are making kids dumb. So there's three areas that the machines are taking away from young Americans. First one is concentration. The ability to concentrate outside of the machine. That is to listen to what people say verbally. That's going... Right down. Second is observation. Self-awareness. Knowing what's happening around you. Being able to see things develop. Gone because everybody's like this... All right. Gone. And the third is conversation. Being able to articulate your thoughts to another human being. So those three things are evaporating before our eyes. Now the best example of this is when you go into a fast food joint or you know something as a you know... thats moving and you give your order. I don't know about you but me, I've got a repeat it three or four times and I'm loud and I pronounce things pretty well. "Oh what is that again? Did you say you wanted fries?" I don't want to be condescending I'm glad the kids are working but they just can't take it in. Call up and order pizza something on the phone and inevitably is... what?...Yeah I mean oh my god. I worked at Carvel, an ice cream place. You tell me one time, I'm 17, what it was, bang you had your cone or your cup or your sundae. Because the line was so long back then, I had to get these people out of there. But not now. It's the machines that are doing this. So it's good they're working, the younger people working but... I want to take the whole bunch of them and say look, you've got to be observant. You have to know what's happening around you or disaster will befall you. That is the Final Thought. Tomorrow we're going to have, I already set the lineup. It's going to be a really good show. We'll see you then.


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