Staff Column: Far Left, Dreaming of a Non-White Christmas
By: StaffDecember 22, 2016
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Staff Column: Far Left, Dreaming of a Non-White Christmas
Yes, Virginia, there still is an MTV. And this week the once-relevant, long-ago-hip cable network gave all of us the gift of joyous mockery.

MTV News (who knew, they have a news department!) produced a pathetic video called '2017 New Year's Resolutions for White Guys.' Very bravely, they singled out one particular racial and gender group for ridicule.

Among their deeply profound tips: 'Try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy.' It makes one wonder why all those non-white men and women from all over the world have desperately tried to reach these shores for centuries.

The video was universally ridiculed, and MTV took it down after two days. Even they were apparently embarrassed after the heaping helpings of scorn. Our inimitable Greg Gutfeld voiced what many others thought: 'I'm convinced,' he quipped, 'that Donald Trump created this video to help lay the groundwork for 2020.'

A similar analysis came from Crystal Wright, an author and a black gal (the antithesis of a 'white guy.') 'White voters,' she pointed out, 'were tired of being told that they're all racists.' Wright also posed a hypothetical question: 'Would we ever see a New Year's resolution produced by MTV telling black men to stop killing each other and stop impregnating black women?' It's a question that needs no answer.

Not to be outdone, an organization called 'Everyday Feminism' is promoting an online training course called 'Healing from Toxic Whiteness.' Seriously. These social justice warriors say the election of Donald Trump is irrefutable proof that the United States has 'deeply normalized white supremacy.'

Their sure-fire cure: For a mere $97 you can get ten online lessons that will help you become a better white person. But you'd better hurry, as the TV hucksters say, because this limited-time offer ends in January.

Demonizing white folks isn't limited to radical feminists and nearly-defunct cable networks. Former President Bill Clinton recently said that Donald Trump's one great skill is knowing 'how to get angry white men to vote for him.' Bubba himself sounds pretty much like an angry white fella these days.

Clinton's Democratic Party, especially its far left wing, has spent decades perfecting identity politics. At the polling booth, it means slicing and dicing the electorate into interest groups based on color and gender and sexual preference.

At universities run by leftists, meaning almost all of them, it means inane courses in 'Whiteness Studies.' Of course, these offerings aren't intended to celebrate Caucasians and their contributions; they are meant to denigrate and demonize always-oppressive whites.

A young adult today has grown up hearing endlessly about all the bad things done by white men, and some of it is actually true. There have also been many bad deeds perpetrated by blacks and Muslims and Hispanics, but those are protected groups. Protected, that is, from any scrutiny or criticism.

So that's where we are at the end of 2016. Like Claudius in Hamlet, American liberals have been hoist with their own racial petard. And they are frothing at the mouth. Presumably not literally, although that is a possibility.

The fact is that non-Hispanic whites are still more than 62% of the adult population in America. Meaning those dreaded 'white guys' remain a formidable electoral force. And they went for Donald Trump by a two-to-one margin. The Democrats, when they stop blaming Russians, 'fake news,' James Comey, and the Electoral College, have to face reality. They need to appeal to white Americans, and not just those living in luxury in the Hamptons or Hollywood. The party of FDR has shunned, mocked, and alienated Middle Americans. Continuing on that path could lead to decades in the political wilderness.

So enough with the white-guy-bashing, whether in silly TV spots or supposedly serious classrooms. The plain truth is that, like it or not, a bunch of white guys created and built this remarkable nation. The United States of America remains the most inclusive, tolerant, and welcoming country in the history of the world, largely thanks to a bunch of dead white males. That is simply the way it is, and no amount of denial can ever change that.

Let's conclude with some very good news. For the third year in a row, the 'war on Christmas' has been pretty much invisible, other than a few minor skirmishes. The secular progressives have apparently moved on to other battles, including their crusade against whiteness.

The New York Times, however, couldn't let the season pass without publishing a column describing the 'War on Christmas' as mythical. It was, to the Times, akin to visions of sugar-plums dancing in the heads of conservatives and religious Americans. Sorry, but the war was real. The good guys won, the smug coastal elites lost. Just like they lost Brexit and the recent election in America.

So it is without fear of reprisal that we quote Dennis Miller, who says this when he wants to really annoy his secular pals in Hollywood: 'Merry Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior's Birthday.' Put more pithily, have a very, very Merry Christmas.