Stupid Is As Stupid Does
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 5, 2021
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Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Forrest Gump would be perplexed by the policies of the Biden administration. I hesitate to use the word "stupid" but Forrest might not be. Name-calling is tedious but sometimes a situation can only be described with a solid insult; thus stupid is in play.

Watching President Biden is now almost a full-time job for me. But I don't want to mimic the media Trump-haters who bashed the 45th president nonstop. That was corrupt and hurt this country dramatically.

With Joe Biden, I feel a mixture of sadness and anger. He is damaging America faster than any other president before him. A recent Trafalgar poll shows that we the people know that. Mr. Biden's job approval rating stands at 36 percent, a disaster by any measure.

My sadness comes because Joe Biden is a diminished man. I believe he is not in control of the Executive Branch and is growing mentally weaker every day. Of course, I could be wrong. But the evidence is on my side.

A few stark examples of President Biden's inexplicable decision-making.

What did he think was going to happen when he opened the southern border during a vicious pandemic to anyone who asked for asylum? Did he not understand that millions of foreign nationals would show up here, some with Covid? Biden has never explained his decision.

What did the President think would happen when he attacked the American gas and oil industry? Did he believe shutting pipelines and imposing regulations would lead to price stability in the energy markets? Now, Americans are getting hammered financially. He says it's just temporary. Maybe he's predicting a Trump re-election.

How about Afghanistan? Did the Commander-in-Chief think by cutting and running that something positive would happen? US weapons worth billions fell into the hands of the Taliban. Thousands of homicidal terrorists were set free from the Bagram prison. One of them murdered 13 American troops just days later.

President Biden told the world his Afghan strategy was excellent.

Finally, crime. The progressive left controls Biden and its policies of no bail, far fewer prosecutions, and demonizing the police have directly led to the murders of thousands of Americans. You are not safe in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other big cities. The street violence is shocking. Has President Biden addressed this in any meaningful way?

No, he has not.

Mr. Gump nailed it with his mantra: stupid is as stupid does. For a moment, put aside the insulting word and just analyze Biden's policies.

What would you call them?