TRANSCRIPT: The Progressive Manifesto
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 7, 2021
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O’Reilly lays out the progressive manifesto in vivid detail in this partial transcript from Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News.  Please share with your friends and consider signing up to watch the No Spin News if you don't already. 


Part 1– January 5, 2020

I put together a progressive manifesto, what the far left really wants, because most people don't have any clue about this, and this is very, very important. I'm going to spend the next seven minutes on this. Very important that you understand what is behind the scenes.

We'll start with Joe Biden. He is not a far left progressive, but he is not strong enough to stand up against the movement, and he won't. So, these people are going to change the country if they can, and Biden is not going to stand in opposition. The press, same thing, there are varying degrees of lunacy. The Disney Corporation, for example, they don't want a progressive takeover because it cuts into their corporate profits, yet all of their television is geared to the left. All of it. There is actually one show on CBS that isn't, and that's Bluebloods, the police show. But almost 80 percent of all entertainment programing is geared to the left. And news programs, The View, that's Disney, but see, they don't understand, they the people who run Disney, what's really going to happen to them if the progressives get power. 

All right, in order for the progressive movement to destroy traditional America, and that's the goal, we're talking about Black Lives Matter, we're talking about George Soros, we're talking about an Ocasio-Cortez and the socialist cadre, they want to destroy traditional America. That is the goal. They have to first destroy the economy because our economy provides more opportunity for more people in the world than any other country. The progressives have to destroy that so they can build up a big socialist government to tell us what we can and can't do, what we can and can't have. That's socialism. They've got to destroy the capitalist marketplace.

So, the first step is punitive taxation on corporations in the wealthy. Punishing achievement. Punishing people who develop things by taking almost a majority of what they have and giving it to the government in the form of taxation. All right. That's number one. Then, restricting profits and salaries, restricting. So, you can't make over this amount of money, and if you do, you have to give it all to us, the federal government. The third thing is run up massive debt. Now, this is about the two thousand dollar check as opposed to the six-hundred-dollar check. The Republicans in the Senate, led by McConnell, said, look, we can't give every American citizen two thousand dollars. We already owe 20 a trillion. You're going to break the American dollar. There are only so many dollars we can print. But the progressives want to break the dollar. They want the currency to collapse because once the free marketplace collapses, the big federal government steps in to control it.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Great Depression, the marketplace collapsed. Who ran the economy? Roosevelt ran it. The New Deal. That's what the progressives want. They want the dollar and the economy to collapse. So, they're going to run up as much debt as they can. That means trillions for the Green New Deal, a theory, that means guaranteed income for everyone, everyone. If you're a heroin addict and alcoholic, if you're a homicidal maniac, it doesn't matter. You get forty-five thousand, fifty thousand, whatever the progressives can give you. Guaranteed income. Of course, that bankrupts the whole system. Can't afford that. We're bankrupt now with Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, even though we pay into that.

Then, private property. So, I have two houses, nice ones. I worked my butt off to get them. Government will take them when I die if I can't pay the wealth tax, which is climbing at an astronomical rate. And now they want a wealth tax to tax when I'm alive, what I have. That's the wealth tax. That's why millions of people are getting out of New York and California, because those legislatures, state legislatures, want to pass a wealth tax. Republicans have blocked that in Washington. They won't if the houses, the two houses, are controlled by Democrats. Then there is the guarantees beyond income. Housing justice, food justice. Have you heard food insecurity? All of these things are coming in. Oh, no, in addition to a guaranteed salary, and you don't have to work to get that salary, by the way. You don't have to work. You can be disabled if you're a drug addict. That's disability. You don't have to work. And by the way, we're going to give you the drugs free, which is what they tried to do in San Francisco.

So, then we're going to guarantee you a certain house, a certain, you know, place where you live. Then we're going to guarantee food, nutrition, in addition to free college all the way through. No government can do this. No government can afford it. But that's what the socialists want. So, they break it all down and then they rise up this totalitarian federal government and state governments, too, in certain places, this is what you do, this is what we're going to take. There's no end to it. Covid has helped them because this Covid check stuff, sending it out, and believe me, it was needed. I didn't oppose the two-thousand-dollar check. I didn't think it was a smart way to do it, but I didn't oppose. But now it's there, anything bad goes by, we're going to send you a check, send money, and the debt rises because there's not enough tax money to afford all that.

Then there's the, we hate the rich. You see this every single day. If you're affluent and successful, we hate you. Except if you're a Hollywood star, because they have self-loathing out there. They hate themselves. But class warfare, and that's what they're preaching to the African-American community, to the immigrant community, to the Hispanics. Not really working in the Hispanic community, but they're trying. Look at all these people have. They don't deserve it. You should have some of that. Share the land, they used to say in the 1960s. You should have that. Resentment. So, the far-left progressive movement is fostering a climate of resentment toward people who have succeeded. Even if you've worked hard your whole life and saved and been responsible and law abiding, no, no, no, no. If you have it, we want it. We're taking it from you and giving it to those other people who don't have very much, because they're entitled. It's payback for slavery, this is The New York Times. So, all you white people got rich off the backs of the slaves in the 19th century. Now it's payback. Come on. You pay back. You give us now. You don't think that's happening? That's happening big time. Psychological. 

So, there are certain, they call them spear-points, to all of this destruction of traditional American economy. Black Lives Matter global organization spear-point number one, just this year, last year, 2020, because of George Floyd and other violence against African-Americans, they're spear-pointing. It's no accident that they're a Marxist organization. George Soros gives away billions of dollars. He's a spear-point. He got that nut elected, Gascon, in L.A. County. He won't enforce any law. So, you live in Los Angeles County, the largest county in the country, and some drunk driver hits you and hurt you, nothing going to happen to that person, particularly if they're in the country illegally. Nothing's going to happen to them because Gascon, he wouldn't even let the police answer the call. So, it's crazy, but it's happening, it's happening.

Now, all you have to do is look at Portland, Oregon, totally out of control. Seattle, Washington, totally out of control. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and we'll get to all these cities tonight, New York City, they're all run by far-left progressives. Break it down, break it down, break it down so we can build up an authoritarian radical left government. Then there's the social stuff. We're a racist society. You know that, right? You're white, you're racist. White privilege, white supremacy, we're racists. The whole country's a racist society. So, we don't really deserve the prosperity that we have because we're racist. How many times you hear that? Boston University, my alma mater, just hired this guy, Kendi. It's unbelievable, this guy. He's like the superstar on campus now. Religion violates human rights, reproductive rights. Oh, you can't try to protect the unborn. No, no, if you do that, you're a human rights violator to try. To protect the unborn, you're a human rights violator because you're intruding on reproductive rights. See how it is? And the media accepts all this.

Here's how crazy it's got. Abraham Lincoln's a racist. They're taking his name off a high school in San Francisco. The board of Ed is taking his name off because he didn't do enough, Abraham Lincoln. Was there an outcry in the city of San Francisco about that? See any protests about that? Media up in arms about that? No way, because if you go against the progressives, you're racist. You're a bigot. You're this, #metoo that, cancel culture this. Your life literally is in danger, your livelihood is in danger if you oppose these people. That's how strong they've become. Majority of Americans don't buy into this, by the way, but they're intimidated because the media won't challenge any of it. And as far as individual rights are concerned, you don't have any rights, you don't have the right to defend yourself. Radical left would throw that Second Amendment out the window. You don't have a right to bear arms. Want to protect your home and your family? No, no, no, no, no, you can't. But the criminal with the gun coming to take your stuff or shooting you in Chicago, they're not going to hurt him. He can go do what he wants. They let him right out. These are serious gun people, criminals with guns, right out. But you can't defend yourself. Nope. 

So, it's working on the far left. Look how much progress they've made over the past 10 years, 15 years. Look how much progress they've made. This had been unheard of after 9/11. Think back to after 9/11. All of this garbage, now in the House of Representatives, you can't say man or woman anymore. Nancy Pelosi said no. No gender pronouns anymore. You're a college kid, you speak out against the progressive left, you're isolated, maybe you're even expelled in some places. All right, tomorrow I'm going to have part two of the progressive manifesto. I hate to depress you, but you got to know what's in play. Again, the majority of Americans do not buy this. They're not buying into it, but they're ignorant of what the end game is, and now you're not. 

Let's look at Chicago. All right, 2020 ended with 769 homicides. That's up from 491 last year. Tremendous rise in homicides. Shooting victims, 4,033. More than Afghanistan in Chicago. 4,033 shootings. Last year was 2,598. 79 Chicago police officers were shot out last year. 22 in 19. Get the feeling Chicago is out of control? You bet it is. Totally out of control. Third largest city in the country. 

How about New York City? New York City. So, on Saturday, a bat wielding man, not Batman, a guy with a baseball bat, attacked 10 people. Ten people he beat with a baseball bat. Brian Thompson finally caught. Is he in jail? No. He caused massive injuries to 10 people. Is he in jail? He is not. So, where is he? Where is Brian Thompson? Well, he's being evaluated at Bellevue. He's being evaluated. There he is. In a nice hospital bed, probably handcuffed because if he isn't, he'll go out and smash doctors and nurses. Now, will anything happen to Brian Thompson? Probably something will happen to him. But if the doctor comes back and says, oh, you know, he's mentally ill, which, of course he has to be to do that, he's not going to put him in prison. No, no, no. Why would you do that? Oh, no. Not going to put Brian in prison. We'll get him the help he needs. I'm sure Brian really wants help.

How about Lisa Cavanaugh? 51 years old. Works for Governor Cuomo as a recruitment and appointments officer. So, she's walking down the street in New York City and Christopher Guzman, 28-year-old homeless man, walks up to her with a concrete brick and smashes her in the head. Where is Christopher Guzman? Where? Not in jail. Being evaluated right near the other guy, the bat guy. They're being evaluated. Why would they smash Lisa? Miss Cavanaugh didn't know the guy. Could have killed her. Could have killed her. So, I wonder what Governor Cuomo thinks about that? Did he even visit Lisa? I don't know. Rick Moranis, the actor, you remember we reported on this in November. He's walking down the street, his neighborhood, Upper West Side of Manhattan. Some guy punches him in the face. Marcus Ventura, 35 years old. Where is Marcus now? It's a month and a half later. Still being evaluated. Still being evaluated. Not in jail. No, no, no. And Marcus has five felonies on his sheet, but he's being evaluated. I understand Mr. Moranis hasn't even been notified about where the guy is. Now, do you think anything is going to happen to those three people, the bat man, the guy who hit the Cuomo staffer with a piece of concrete, and the guy who punched Moranis? Do you think anything's going to happen to them? Fifty fifty.

St. Patrick's Cathedral. You remember that after the George Floyd protests in May, they put 'FU' in graffiti on St. Patrick's. Were they prosecuted? No, no, no, no, they were not. The case is ongoing, they tell us. There were three of them that did it. Cops found them. Cops are good, cops will get you, but the district attorney, Cy Vance, yeah, I don't know. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, on New Year's Day, St. Patrick's Cathedral, 1:30am, more graffiti, 'all cops are bastards.' Same thing. Same thing. But this time police were there and apparently didn't do anything. Didn't arrest. No arrests. They were there because it was a Black Lives Matter protest at 1:30 in the morning on New Year's Day. They marched down Fifth Avenue. No arrests. Cops didn't see it? No arrests. 

Portland. How about that? They rang in the new year with riots, more riots. Let's go, Portland, Oregon. There we go. Molotov cocktails, fire. And now the idiot mayor, Ted Wheeler says, quote, "I'm calling on our federal, our state, our county and our local law enforcement partners to convene with me to develop clear plans to address anarchist violence." Hey, Mayor Wheeler, it's only been going on for 10 months and you finally are calling for some help. Why? Because Trump is not president anymore. That's why. Portland, Oregon, you guys get what you deserve out there. Lovely city. Multnomah County, you get what you deserve. They burn your house then, I'm sorry. Do I see counterdemonstrations of Portland against this? I do not. Unbelievable. Three arrests, by the way, in Portland. That's big, that's big. They actually arrested three people. Will anything happen to them? No.

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, upstate. So, Cornell says, hey, if you are a student, you've got to be vaccinated for the flu. Here's the quote, "The requirement for students in the Ithaca area to receive a flu shot during the fall semester is unique to this academic year and was included at the request of health care professionals who are rightfully concerned that increases in both the flu and Covid could pose very significant risks to the health and well-being of communities across the country and to the Ithaca region's overall medical response capacity. However, because the flu vaccine was not required by New York State and is a new requirement at the university, all Cornell students were given the opportunity to request a nonmedical or non-religious exemption." And who gets that exemption? Minority students, of course, at Cornell. Yup. Quote, "Given the long-standing concerns about how communities of color and black people in the United States have been mistreated historically in medical research, Cornell Health posted special guidance to acknowledge these concerns and provide additional information about the new vaccine mandate and why Cornell considered vaccination crucial. Conversations about health equity are common within the health care community, as outlined in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control." So, if you are a minority, you can get an exemption, don't have to get the vaccination at Cornell. White kids do. Minorities don't know. So, they create two classes of students. Isn't that nice? Martha Pollack is the president of Cornell. She supports defunding the police. There you go. Hey, Martha, how are you doing? Yeah, you're a real champ up there. Really good.

All right, I'm going to go right to this day in history, Lyndon Johnson, January 4th, 1965, in his State of the Union speech, he creates the Great Society. The Great Society is supposed to wipe out poverty. It did not succeed. Twenty-two trillion dollars later and a trillion dollars a year on top of it going forward, the Great Society has made some progress in health care, Medicare, Medicaid, but the poverty rate, you know who made progress in the poverty rate? Donald Trump. Now, why are minorities continue to be poor? Perhaps because 70 percent of African-American babies are born out of wedlock. In 1964, it was twenty five percent. That's why people are poor. You want a great society, then change personal behavior, then you'll have a great society. Twenty-two trillion dollars isn't going to do it. 


Part 2– January 5, 2020

So, yesterday we told you that progressives want to destroy capitalism. That's number one. We're an unjust, racist society because of capitalism, because the white people have all the money and the assets, and they got it because of slavery. That's the narrative. So, that's why the Democratic Party doesn't ever vote for any financial restraint, they vote for everything that costs money and we have a twenty-eight trillion-dollar debt. To be fair, Donald Trump increased that debt by seven trillion in his four years. He said I had to do it to get the economy and the military back in shape. All right. Be that as it may, the Democrats will never practice fiscal restraint. They want the dollar to collapse, not all of them, but a significant portion of them. They want to go back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930s with the New Deal, you remember when the American economy collapsed in 1929 under Herbert Hoover, the next election, FDR won, the Democrat. He took over the entire American economy. You remember any of this from your history classes? He ran it and doled it out but still didn't work, didn't get out of the Depression until World War Two, but the government ran it. That's what the progressives want now.

In order to get this, they have to divide Americans and they have to destroy tradition in this country. Easy to divide. They're going if you're a have not, if you don't have anything, we're going to give you guaranteed income, guaranteed job, guaranteed housing, food justice, across the board. People are going to go, yeah. Those are minority groups and immigrant groups, that's driving the Democratic vote. Then if you can get the class warfare up to here, which we have in Georgia. Do you think that most Georgians voting for the Democrats know what Ossoff and Warnock really want? They don't. That's why I'm telling you this.

Now, part of the strategy of the Democrats and the progressives, the people want to redesign the whole country, is to create a dependent society. From cradle to grave, the government doles out to you what they think, Washington thinks, you should have. That's what they have in Sweden, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, called democratic socialism. So, in order to do that, you have to take assets away from corporations and the affluent, the individual citizen. You have to take them away. That's the wealth tax. All right. So, they want to create a dependent society where everything comes from Washington. You're dependent on them for your pension, health care, all of it. Now, they also wanted to create a dependent society, so you don't think for yourself. How do they do that? By legalizing marijuana, hard narcotics, by having people addicted to this all day, every day, this, by not educating people to what capitalism really is, by having schools and universities drum in progressive socialism is best. Racist America. All of that is going on. You see it. I report it every day. A dependent society must come about when the people, all three hundred and thirty million of us, don't know what's happening. And if you're stoned every day or drunk every day or spending the whole day on your device, you don't blanking know or care.

So, individual achievement, striving for self-reliance, the worst thing, progressives, the worst thing. And finally, the progressives want to create anarchy because the more terrified the population is, the more they'll veer into the totalitarian socialism. What was the Nazi Party's name? National Socialism, that was the official name of the Nazi party. What did Joseph Stalin tell his people in Russia? You got to get away from the Czar. It's all corruption, he has all the money. I'll spread the money around. Moa Zedong, same thing. Ho Chi Minh, same thing. Fidel Castro, Batista is the devil. I'll dole it out. Never works, but you lose your freedom. So, anarchy must be created. Do we have anarchy in Seattle, Washington? I believe so. How about Portland, Oregon? Seems to me we do. How about San Francisco? How about Los Angeles County, where laws are not enforced anymore? How about New York City, where last night we told you about individuals being assaulted on the streets and nothing being done about it, nothing. I mean, assaulted with baseball bats, with concrete. You didn't see this 10 years ago. You see it now.

The more anarchy, the more Antifa, the more fires, the more looting, why do you think they don't prosecute these people, the locals? They want it. Chicago could solve that murder problem in three days with the National Guard. Why aren't they in there protecting the poor black people being slaughtered in the streets? They want to break society down, and the more you terrify people, the easier it is to do. All of this is not happening by accident, and it's my job to tell you the why of it, not just the what. Every other news agency is telling you what is happening and most of them are being dishonest about that. They ignore the Antifas, they ignore the terrible governors not enforcing the laws protecting your people, they ignore them or even glorify them. All right, but I'll tell you what happens and why. This progressive juggernaut could never happen, and I talked about this on the radio in New York City today. It could never happen without the media signing off on it. 10 years ago, the media would have blasted the looters. Not now. Social justice. Social justice.

That goes hand in hand with the education. If you are a traditional conservative student on most college campuses, you're in deep trouble if you open your mouth. If you're an instructor, a college professor, a high school teacher, and you stick up for traditional America, stand up for your country, you are in big trouble. You might lose your job. This is how much power has been accumulated by the progressive left, because there are very few people who are standing up against them. Now, Trump did, but not in a focused way. He was unfocused because he always brought it back to himself. Yes, absolutely, they were after him from the jump. They hate him. But he didn't give you the big picture ark, like I'm giving you now. And now we have a president who will never, never stand up to this progressive left ever. He's intimidated. He doesn't know what's happening and he doesn't care very much. This is Biden. Is Biden a progressive guy? Does he want to break down capitalism? No, no. He's an old-time hack, if you will. That's who he is. But he's not a reformer. The #MeToos gave him a pass when some woman accused him, as every prominent person is accused now, if you're a male. When he got accused, pass, total pass, because they knew they don't want to damage Joe. No. Not going to do that because Joe is not going to stand up. And right behind Joe is Kamala. Joe can't stand her, but she's there.