Talking Points: Pelosi Holds Back on Impeachment - Despite Her Party's Wishes
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 22, 2019
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Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo is BACK! This week Bill analyzes the hate Tiger Woods received from the lef for going to the White House.


Hey, Bill O'Reilly here and this is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax. So on Monday, Nancy Pelosi had a meeting in her lavish office at the U.S. Capitol. Is of course the speaker of the House, entitled to a lavish office, which she does have. In that meeting were Democrats in the House who wanted to start articles of impeachment against President Trump. Also in the meeting were Nancy Pelosi acolytes who don't. No impeachment, not yet.

All right. So the lines are drawn, the battle lines are drawn. Now I don't know Nancy Pelosi, I've talked to her one time in my life. She had no idea who I am. None. Her husband who was there knew and I thought was going to faint. And I invited her on my program on Fox at the time and of course she said she would come and then she backed out when she, her husband said you know who that is? No.

So I personally I don't really know what Nancy Pelosi is all about and I do know that she's an ardent Democrat and a leftist from San Francisco. All right but in this case she's not an uber leftist, she's a moderate. Why? Why is Nancy Pelosi, probably President Trump's biggest opponent not wanting to begin articles of impeachment against him? Three reasons.

Number one is the obvious, that there was a two year investigation that found no wrongdoing on President Trump's part. That's Robert Mueller. Number two. There is an explosive report coming from the Department of Justice that may indict sitting FBI people and people in other intelligence agencies under Barack Obama, who ginned up a phony scheme, excuse me scheme, to remove Donald Trump or get him defeated in the election. That's coming. Pelosi, O'Reilly, you... we don't know what's in it but it's certainly a danger zone. And the third thing is the 2020 presidential election. Because according to the polls, most recently  NBC / Wall Street Journal, I got the number here. Forty five percent of the country says no we don't want to impeach. No. OK. Only 34 percent say no...19 percent.

Only 19 percent in this Wall Street Journal poll say there is enough evidence to begin impeachment proceedings. That's not a lot of people. 19 percent. So Pelosi knows that this could backfire and the unintended consequences of launching impeachment against a sitting president would most likely wreck the Democratic Party's chances to regain the presidency in 2020. OK.

Now there's also another thing involved here. So you have the Democratic Party split between far left progressives and liberal moderates. There really aren't any conservative people in Democratic Party any longer. All right. So that...So that that doesn't exist anymore but the split in the party means that if the Democrat left, the progressives, you know Cortez these people, if they're deemed to have power more power than the other side.


A lot of these moderates aren't going to turn out. That's why Donald Trump's president. Did you know 800000 African-Americans who voted for Barack Obama stayed home and did not vote for Hillary Clinton? That was enough. To put Donald Trump ahead, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee. African-American didn't turnout. That's why Trump won.

Pelosi very shrewd says if we are the crazy party, the party of Ocasio Cortez, we will lose. Not only going to lose the presidency, we're going to lose the house. So Pelosi is not going to be speaking. So she's in a power position now, Nancy Pelosi. But if articles of impeachment are put forth without any underpinning other than crazy conspiratorial stuff that's unproven, you'll lose the house.

That's why Pelosi is doing what she's doing. Now the likely nominee for the Democrats, even though you know it's a year...more for the convention is Joe Biden. And Biden's going to play it on the Pelosi side. He's not going to cross that progressive line. He is gonna stay there and all the polls say he's well ahead.


 And that is the Talking Points Memo. I'm Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax reminding you that we, I believe, I believe this fervently, have the best daily commentary on Bill O' in the nation. I hope you check it out and if you like it, get a Premium Membership for yourself, for your dad on Father's Day, for your grandfather. Spread it around. We'll see you soon.


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