Terror Attack in Barcelona Should Not Come as a Surprise
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 18, 2017
The terror attack in Barcelona should not come as a surprise.  After being defeated on the battlefield in Iraq, and soon in Syria, ISIS can only wage war on civilians which they will do with a vengeance in the upcoming months.  The terror organization will shift from holding territory to simply killing as many human beings as possible.
Of course, the USA is target number one but our intel agencies, including the FBI, are doing an excellent job of preventing ISIS cells from operating here.  No system is flawless but we are being protected with skill and determination.
The Barcelona horror has knocked Charlottesville from lead story status and President Trump would be wise not to reignite the controversy.  He would also be wise to ask the FBI to submit a report about the white supremacist movement so that Americans could see how big a threat the groups are.
It is worth noting that the FBI keeps a close eye on these fanatics as well the Bureau should.
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