The Anger Poll
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 3, 2018
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The Anger Poll
Have you noticed that most political polling is rigged?  

Agencies consistently ask more Democrats than Republicans about issues of the day.  

Why?  Can’t they balance it out?
Sure they could.  

But they don’t because they know most people will not look at the methodology behind the poll.  But I always do.  

And the vast majority of the time, the fix is in.  More Dems are polled.
That’s because the corporations paying the pollsters often skew left.  Pollsters make nice money, so why derail the gravy train by being fair?  Give the check writers what they want.
Enter polling about Brett Kavanaugh.  

Consistently, we are told more Americans believe his accuser rather than him.  

I don’t believe it.
Certainly, the country is split over conservative vs. progressive values.  It is true that many American women have been treated badly by men.  It is also a fact that many in the media are gleefully participating in the destructive of Judge Kavanaugh.  

With all that in play, it seems logical the public might side against the Judge.
But there is much more emotion on Kavanaugh’s side.  

Many Americans like me are furious that the man is being denied due process by the left.  Morons like Senator Richard Blumenthal loudly bellow that they believe the accuser.  Based on what?  

The accusations remain uncorroborated in every way.
Simply put, America will become an unjust nation if stuff like this continues.  There isn’t a man in the country safe from misconduct allegations.  Not one.  

According to the leftwing mob, all “survivors,” “victims,” or whatever other label is used, must be believed, no matter if the allegations are denied.  

And if you don’t immediately believe the accuser, than you are an abuser.
I never thought I’d see this in my country.  And I am angry about it.  Very angry.
And I don’t think I’m alone.