The Anti-Trump Theme of the Week
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 26, 2018
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The Anti-Trump Theme of the Week
Not many folks know it but there is organized messaging going on among political operatives in America on both the liberal and conservative sides.  This is a shadowy world where smear campaigns are designed and executed with frightening ease.
But these days, the left has much more reach because of a national media that is eager to hear anti-Trump stuff.  
Here’s how things work.
Far left outfits like Media Matters, Mother Jones, the Bonner Group, and Avaanz, routinely contrive narratives in order to debase political opponents.  
In the case of President Trump, a kind of “theme of the week” is designed and fed out to sympathetic media people.
This summer we have already seen the following themes:  Stormy Daniels accusing Donald Trump of something after she was paid non-disclosure money for an alleged tryst years ago, migrant children being torn away from their mothers at the border, Putin running roughshod over the President in Finland, and this week a tape about money paid to a Playboy model who also alleges sex with Trump.
These stories dominate news coverage and are obviously promoted to demean the President.  They give his legions of media critics easy opportunities to frame criticism anyway they want.  It is nonstop sniping at its meanest.
The TV displays on the news and on late night shows almost totally obliterate anything positive happening in the country and put supporters of Donald Trump on almost constant defense.  In fact, the far left organizations also target Trump boosters on television and radio with nasty invective, boycotts, and even rank defamation.  
The message is clear: defend Trump at your peril.
President Obama was also the target of smears, the birther stuff being the most vivid example, but since the national media basically loved him, the Obama haters had a much tougher time getting the garbage picked up.
With Donald Trump there are few problems placing a negative lead story on MSNBC or other hate-Trump vehicles. Ever wonder where all these “anonymous” sources come from?  Well, political groups run some of them, doling out the unattributed dirt to sympathetic media who don’t check anything.  Every anti-Trump story is fit to print.
Also, it is not unusual for money to change hands when accusations are made.  The far left groups are very well funded.
Of course, all of this subverts our Republic.  But you will not see much reportage about the political smear industry because many news organizations make good use of it.
In reality, the guttersnipes have been around since George Washington was in charge.  
But never have they been as powerful as they are right now.
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