The Apathy Factor
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 8, 2023
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The Apathy Factor

We all know people who don't know much about history or anything else for that matter. And don't care to know. If they cared, they would google—the easiest way to get information on the planet.

Because so many folks are apathetic about the world around them, they make bad decisions. Two things drive faulty outcomes: emotion and stupidity.

If you don't know anything, you are stupid. However, emotion can cripple even the most astute person.

President Biden is a historically bad Chief Executive rivaled only by the incredibly incompetent, apathetic James Buchanan and the hapless, apathetic Herbert Hoover - who thought the Great Depression was an apparition or something.

Fellow traveler Joe Biden is many things in his senior life, few of them good. But his apathy is beyond comprehension.

A record amount of drugs are being smuggled across the Mexican border. Hundreds of thousands dead because of it. Heard anything from Joe about that?

Millions of poor migrants have been abused by Mexican cartels in terrible ways as they try to get to open-border America. Does Biden care? No evidence that he does.

The financial burden on working Americans has increased tenfold since Joe took office. Higher prices for almost everything, "real wages" down about four percent - a seven-point swing for the worse since Trump's last year in office.

The airlines have fallen apart on Biden's watch. Millions of passengers have suffered. Has Joe addressed it? No, he has not.

In fact, I don't know of one problem that President Biden has dealt with in an effective way. Not one.

That leads me to believe that Joe is largely apathetic about the state of the union. He pretty much does what his far-left masters tell him to do and then takes a nap. His daily schedule, released to the public, shows plenty of nothing. I post it every night on the No Spin News.

Back in the late 1850s, radical separatists in the south routinely defied the federal government in Washington, stealing weapons, ignoring taxes, even attacking federal workers. President Buchanan did nothing. Apathetic and lazy, Buchanan sat in the Executive Mansion while the Civil War fuse was lighted and pretty much ignored it.

For that, James Buchanan will always be the worst President of all time. The WOAT, if you will.

Joe B. has much in common with Jim B. and the biggest shared trait is apathy.

Sadly, many Americans, including much of the media, are in that camp as well.

Apathy often leads to calamity. We are surely seeing that in the USA right now.

Somebody tell the President.

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