The Art of the Gloat
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 1, 2022
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The Art of the Gloat

Gloating is easy; it requires no skill or rigor. It is simply an unattractive technique used for one purpose only: to insult someone.

Right now, a major gloat is aimed at President Biden, a man doing enormous damage to the country he was elected to serve. There is no question about that. After 15 months in office, Americans are getting hammered because of Biden's foolish economic policies and his general befuddlement on just about everything.

Last week, the stock market finally capitulated, believing Joe would lead the country into a recession as George W. Bush did in 2008. Bush totally missed the crazy home lending spree, which eventually caused massive pain economically.

The Obama-Biden ticket was elected because of that.

Joe got the top job in 2020 despite a strong economy under President Trump. The bombastic former businessman handled economics well, his policies stimulating wages as well as energy independence before Covid shut the country down.

But more than 80 million voters turned away from Trump's accomplishments and embraced Biden, who barely campaigned at all. He didn't need to. The corrupt corporate media did it for him by demonizing 'The Don' and totally ignoring his economic success as President.

Today, the United States is weaker in almost every area than it was two years ago. Yet, many Biden voters are pulling a Tammy Wynette, continuing to stand by their man. It's amazing in the face of the facts, but, unfortunately, people believe what they want to believe. And some folks will never admit a mistake no matter what.

The truth is that President Biden is unable to govern. That's what's spooking the financial markets. It was painful watching him last week trying to describe Russia as a "plutocracy" and a "kleptocracy." The President could not get those words out of his mouth, and his verbal attack became "stumble-ocracy."

Embarrassing doesn't come close to describing it.

And so the anti-Biden legions brought out the gloat once again. "Look at this guy," they postured, "he's unable in the extreme."

Sadly for the country, it's true. Mr. Biden will be 80 in November, and he's not Paul McCartney, who turns 80 in June. The former Beatle is currently on a nationwide tour and apparently can remember the lyrics to his songs.

Joe Biden couldn't even sing the refrain to "Hey, Jude."

The United States has no choice but to tough out the Biden Administration. There's little we the people can do. The President, I believe, will not run again, and his Vice-President is as incapable as he is.

This is not gloating; it is stating the truth. Gloating is a waste of time.

Wising up so that something like this doesn't happen again is what every single American should be doing. Voting on emotion directly led to the leadership debacle we have right now.

It's there, right before our eyes.