The Biden Circumstance
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 5, 2021
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The Biden Circumstance
Unintended consequences often lead to crushing reality.  When we do something that doesn’t work out (job, marriage, investment) there is usually hell to pay, as the cliche goes.

That’s where President Biden finds himself on Afghanistan.  The botched US withdrawal will haunt him the rest of his days and will hurt America in a variety of ways.

It doesn’t matter what Jen Psaki, the minister of propaganda, or the corrupt corporate media puts forth.  The truth is that only a heroic action in the future by the President could mitigate this colossal screwup. Place your bets now if you think old Joe will deliver heroism.

Let’s start with the reinvigorated jihadist movement.  Now, the fanatical Muslim killers have a huge safe haven.  If they have cable in hell, Osama bin Laden is dancing with the devil.

As Americans endure the 20th anniversary of 9/11, terrorists all over the world have reason to mobilize.  A weak US president encourages that.

Then there is Great Britain, America’s most important ally.  The government there apparently thinks Biden is a ninny. Even leftist Brits are generally appalled the USA did not work with Downing Street in abandoning Afghanistan.

China and Russia have to be very pleased by Joe Biden’s failure.  Expect trouble from those countries shortly.

But it is in the United States where the consequences will be most immediately felt.  Joe Biden is now a weakened leader, all the job approval polling demonstrates that.  So, his domestic agenda will be more difficult to pass.  Many in Congress believe he is a detriment to the country so his “bully pulpit” is receding. Fast.

Independent-minded voters have eyes. They clearly see that Biden is not really in command and his policies have been terrible at the southern border and in Afghanistan.  Economic hardship will likely follow and that will absolutely alienate working-class Americans.

Joe Biden can hide but he cannot run from his circumstance.  Again, only a big win by the President can reverse his very visible failures.  He is now being compared to Jimmy Carter as the midterm elections loom.

It isn’t completely over for Mr. Biden, but he’s behind by many touchdowns in the first quarter.  And the world knows it.