The Biden Dilemma Worsens
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 30, 2021
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The Biden dilemma is getting worse. We now know the President misled the country and the world about Afghanistan. The southern border has absolutely collapsed, and federal spending is well into the danger zone. And Mr. Biden seems incapable of any problem-solving.

So, what are we the people to do?

Well, there's little we can accomplish on our own. But collectively, where we live, we can start discussing the public good. No party stuff, no ideology, no hate. Just have rational conversations with other rational people about what kind of country we all should want.

Joe Biden is a weak leader, perhaps a dishonest one. But he will be neutralized in November 2022, if the majority of Americans begin to see things clear and vote against progressive democrats. That will take honest discussion.

We at believe we are bringing you the most honest news presentation on the planet. And maybe you incorporate us into your discussions.

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