The Danger in Packing the Court
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 3, 2020
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Many people don’t understand the most important thing that that we all saw in Tuesday’s presidential debate—that is the question to Joe Biden, ‘would you pack the Supreme Court?’  

For 150 years, there have been nine justices and that is not in the Constitution—it is at the pleasure of the Senate and the President. So, you could have a new law that says there could be 20 Supreme Court justices, or 15. 

The left wants that because right now the court is conservative—so, if the Democratic party wins the Senate and the House and Joe Biden becomes President, they could easily pass a law that says, ‘we’re going to have 20 judges.’ 

If that happens, the Supreme Court will then become a political body because judges would be nominated on their politics. It would be a mess and we would not have a judicial safety net.

Now, two things: if the Supreme Court is packed, we will all lose Constitutional rights. 

Private property is now protected—it won’t be. The government will be able to impose a wealth tax—seize private property. Self-defense, the ability to arm yourself, gone. 

That is just two of about 20. So, packing the Supreme Court is the most important issue in this election.