The Danger
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 14, 2022
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The Danger

"Let's bungle in the jungle.
Well, that's all right by me."
- Jethro Tull

No matter how it turns out, the Justice Department bungled its probe into Donald Trump's classified document deal. Just like it screwed up Russian/Collusion, Hillary emails, Hunter Biden, on and on.

Somewhere in a very warm climate, J. Edgar Hoover is blinking rapidly.

We don't yet know how serious the Trump transgression is, but it's safe to say that the raid is a symptom of a much more intense problem facing every single American. The Biden administration is blundering the country into dangerous territory. The President and his crew are creating intense problems and division among the citizenry. Let's examine the record.

Unless Donald Trump was actively undermining the security of the nation, the invasion of his home should have been handled differently. Drastic action requires precise explanation, at least in a democracy. We the people, have not gotten clarity from the Biden administration about the FBI raid.

Then we see the painful inflation ignited by the presidential attacks on fossil fuel, the incredible debacle at the southern border, the collapse of the airline industry, and the brutal rise in violent crime.

But perhaps the most dangerous federal screwup of all was Nancy Pelosi's unnecessary trip to Taiwan. Why did she provoke China? For what reason?

We don't know.

Writing in the journal "The National Interest," Harvard Professor Graham Allison puts forth: "If forced to choose between accepting an independent Taiwan and a war that destroys Taiwan and much of China, Xi and his team will choose war."

Allison's opinion is speculative, but he knows as much about China as anyone on the planet.

Therefore, competent leadership does not make the Taiwan situation worse, which is what the Pelosi visit did. What did the United States accomplish? Nothing, that's what.

The anti-Biden narrative is mostly based on his inability to govern in a positive way. He does not solve problems; he may not even understand them.

But I now believe Joe Biden is a dangerous President because he cannot anticipate serious situations, of which China is at the top of the list.

Under Biden, America is far weaker than it was when he entered office. Therefore, we are all in danger on a variety of fronts.

Pelosi sticking Bejing, the FBI battering Trump, millions of foreign nationals sieging the border, gas prices hurting workers. None of that had to happen.

But it has.

And, with apologies to Jethro Tull, it's not all right with me.

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