The Debate Topics
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 19, 2016
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Our pal Chris Wallace has selected six areas of questioning for the spectacle in Vegas tonight.

So let's run them down and analyze who has the advantage.

First, debt and entitlements.

Here both Clinton and Trump have problems.

For example, in order to make America great again, Trump has promised to rebuild the military, which will take a massive amount of tax money.

But Trump also says he'll cut taxes and that would slash money going to the federal government, at least until the economy picks up. 

Thus, the debt would get bigger, at least in the short term.

So Donald Trump will have to be precise with his words because Wallace will surely hone in on the spending issue.

On the Clinton front, she pretty much supports the spending vision of President Obama, who has run up more debt than any other president in history and it's not even close.

In addition, Mrs. Clinton would like the feds to run the entire healthcare system.  I don't think she will say that, but certainly based on her history that's her goal.

Having the feds pay all the medical bills would be a colossal entitlement and debt driver.

So both candidates will be dancing on this one.

Second topic, immigration.

Trump won the nomination largely on his tough guy approach.  He has to echo that tonight while at the same time showing some humanity.  He needs to emphasize the benefits of ending immigration chaos.

It will not be enough for Trump to say the Mexicans will pay for the border wall.  He may believe that, but it’s now become a cliché unless he provides specifics.

On the other side with the WikiLeaks hack showing Hillary Clinton dreaming of open borders, that could make the issue a tough one for her.

Open borders would pretty much destroy our society as tens of millions of poor people south of the border would pour in here.

I mean wouldn't you if you were living in a Honduran shack?

The third issue is the Supreme Court.

Both candidates will be ready with names of judges the public doesn't know.

Chris Wallace will most likely ask both to cite some court decisions they feel strongly about.

Trump better be ready for that.

Then it's on to foreign hot spots.  It will be interesting to see how aggressive Wallace is with Clinton on that subject.  She has some problems there.

With the battle raging against ISIS in Mosul, Mrs. Clinton will be hard-pressed to defend President Obama removing all U.S. troops from Iraq while she was secretary of state.

Trump, of course, has no record to defend but he should be more specific about his overseas vision, not just repeating the Iran nuke deal is bad over and over.

The fifth topic is the economy.  Here it's mostly B.S.  It's impossible for Americans to know who will improve the economy.

What Talking Points can tell you is that Trump believes in cutting taxes to stimulate growth, much like Ronald Reagan.

While Clinton believes that big government projects should create momentum in the economy.

This topic is endless, it just goes round and round and round.

Finally Chris Wallace will ask about the character issue -- are you fit to run the country? 

Here things could get very nasty on both sides.

Wallace will have his hands full with that.

And believe me, the headlines tomorrow will be about the character issue.

And that's the memo.

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