The Decision
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 31, 2020
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The Decision
There is danger in the national air and it has nothing to do with President Trump.  But do the folks feel it?  Do solid voters who embrace the vast goodness in America understand their country is on the cliff?

I don’t know.

Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson.  A man of impulse and, at times, colossal callousness.  Yet, his political strategy is to create opportunities; mostly for himself but the economic trickle down effect has helped working people.  The rise in wages will stop almost immediately if Joe Biden wins the election and begins increasing taxes.

Having researched and written a book about the President called “The United States of Trump,” and having known him for three decades, I well understand why millions of Americans want to fire him.  What I cannot fathom is the unintended consequences of doing that.

It’s not as if Teddy Roosevelt is waiting to take over.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, weak man who is fronting a subversive movement that will crush traditional Americans.  The signposts are everywhere.  Liberal cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle have collapsed.  Quality of life in deep blue states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey has drastically declined.

Millions of citizens are fleeing dangerous and chaotic places run by radical left politicians.

Mr. Biden is not a radical but his running mate is.  Senator Kamala Harris is a vicious due process denier who slapped Biden, himself, in the face with a racist accusation. Yet, he put her on the ticket because of skin color and gender, not because of vision and achievement.  Joe Biden - looking out for you.

The radical left in this country makes the hard right look like the Muppets.  This week, Senator Bernie Sanders accused police officers in Philadelphia of “murder” after they shot a convicted violent criminal dead as the man was coming at them with a knife. Sanders uttered not a word of criticism toward the hundreds of looters and “protesters” that injured scores of Philly cops. 

Joe Biden will do the bidding of Sanders and the other far left zealots.  He will stand by as the United States falls into disarray economically, socially, and educationally.  He will allow totalitarianism to rise by imitating Pontius Pilate, washing his hands as the cancel culture, corrupt social media barons, and socialist politicians rob Americans of their rights and assets.

Obviously, millions of voters do not believe what I am stating.  How could they and still support a Biden-Harris ticket?  When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were elected, I did not believe the country would suffer permanent damage.  But that’s not the case with Biden.  He’ll be a fiddler watching the flames engulf traditional America.

And that brings us back to Donald Trump.  If he wins re-election, he’ll continue doing what he does; the tweeting, the feuding, the quest for never-ending approval.  But he will not hurt you, your children, your grandchildren.

Biden, Harris, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer et al, will.  They want to impose a new America where centralized federal power dictates your behavior right down to what you can say and how much you’re allowed to have.  They will try to alter the Supreme Court in an attempt to make this happen.

Think very hard about your voting decision.   Danger is close.